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Mundo Cristiano: mayo 22, 2015

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What Does She Mean to You? Celebrate Mother's Day

It's that time of year to recognize the very important women in our lives - our mothers.

The 'Troubling' Turn in US, Israel Relations

Israel and the U.S. have enjoyed a very close relationship going back to the creation of the Jewish state....

Migdalia recobra la visión gracias a una cirugía gratuita

Antigua Guatemala es un destino obligatorio para quien desea conocer más de ese país centroamericano. Pasear por sus coloridas...

Karla vuelve a ver gracias a una cirugía gratuita

Karla es una niña de 12 años que vive en Guatemala. Un tumor comenzó a crecer en su ojo,...

Indiana, Arkansas Govs Sign Revised Bills into Law

After a media uproar, governors in Indiana and Arkansas signed amended versions of their states' religious freedom laws.

Mundo Cristiano: Marzo 20, 2015

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Mother of Murdered Daughter Forgives Unremorseful Killer

In the summer of 97, Saundra’s daughter Cherica fell in love. Less than two years later, the very man...

Bring It On-Line: Shroud of Turin

Is there a prayer in the Bible for family or loved ones to be saved? When we as born-again...

Bring It On-Line: Persecution and Torture

I'm very concerned for the Christians who, under persecution and torture, deny Christ in order to survive the ordeal....

Israeli Voters Divided, Christians Urged to Pray

The question of which parties and which leader Israel will choose to lead their next government in Tuesday's election...

Oración pequeña, milagro grande!

La pequeña Vale, aprende el poder de la oración y que los milagros existen, luego de ver el Superlibro.

Woman with Cough Refuses to Swallow Doctor’s Prognosis

Karen suffered from a dry cough for years and had difficulty swallowing, until she heard a very specific prayer...

Bring It On-Line: Muslim Dinner Invitation

I have new neighbors who invited our family over for dinner. I feel it would be very rude not...

Bring It On-Line: Daily Bible Reading

I found a "Gay" magazine in my son's room. What should I do? I know that if we want...

Bring It On-Line: Grieving the Holy Spirit

I was born again 7 years ago and was filled with the Holy Spirit. For the last year or...

Andraé Crouch: Club Performances 1

Songs featured: "This is Another Day, "Soon and Very Soon," "I Just Want to Know You," "Tell Them"

Mandatory Verses Have City Driving for Jesus

Mandatory Verses Have City Driving for Jesus