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Christian World News - February 12, 2016

This week on Christian World News: Hundreds of people are being baptized. and thousands are coming out to worship...

Set a Solid Foundation for Your Money

Ralph and Laura have done very well financially. After success as employees, they started multiple successful businesses of their...

Club 700 Hoy: Enero 31, 2016 #549

El consejero familiar Eduardo Elmasian, nos habla de su libro "La Brujula de Adán", un libro dedicado a los...

Bring It On-Line: Lottery

Is it really wrong to play the lottery? I very seldom play but when the jackpot is really big...

Why Christmas? How Holiday Loneliness Points a Deeper Longing

During the holiday season, we are inundated with commercials that promote a version of Christmas that a lot of...

School Threats: LA, NYC Responses Draw Scrutiny

One day after both New York City and Los Angeles public schools received an email threatening a large scale...

La pequeña Astrid puede ver mejor, gracias a ti!

La pequeña Astrid nació con estrabismo y sus padres no podían pagar una cirugía correctiva. Gracias a tu apoyo...

Tratamiento a la vera del camino.

En todo el mundo hay personas con necesidad y allí llega el brazo humanitario de CBN. Gracias a tu...

Bring It On-Line: Broken Agreements

Is it ever okay to take someone to court? My wife filed for divorce earlier this year and it...

Moore: Ben Carson Isn't Straight Out of 'Vacation Bible School'

Southern Baptist Leader Dr. Russell Moore said he's not shocked that presidential candidate Ben Carson holds to "very unorthodox doctrines."

Mundo Cristiano: noviembre 27, 2015

Veamos hoy. Iglesia Argentina espera ver cambios significativos despues la Victoria de Mauricio Macri en las elecciones presidenciales. Grupo De...

700 Club Interactive: Thanksgiving 2015 - November 26, 2015

700 Club Interactive celebrates Thanksgiving with a look back at the very first one.

Providing for Our Children’s Future and Eternity

CBN teams up with a school for at risk inner city children providing laptops and multi language versions of “Superbook."

CBN News Sunday: Houston Ordinance and Religious Rights

On CBN News Sunday, Nov. 8: Houston voters struck down an ordinance geared at protecting the LGBT community. It’s...

¿Por qué Dios no me contesta?

¿Sientes que Dios te ignora o no escucha tus oraciones? Te invitamos a ver y compartir este video.

Marine Court-Martialed for Bible Verse Appeals Ruling

A Marine who was court-martialed for taping a Bible verse to her computer is taking her appeal to the...

CBN Global Update: October 26, 2015

The Hindi version of The 700 Club celebrates 10 years of broadcasting the Gospel throughout India and Pakistan.

Russian Airstrike Kills 45 in Latakia Province

Russia's airstrikes in Syria have proven to be very deadly.