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Oración pequeña, milagro grande!

La pequeña Vale, aprende el poder de la oración y que los milagros existen, luego de ver el Superlibro.

Mundo Cristiano: Febrero 27, 2015

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Woman with Cough Refuses to Swallow Doctor’s Prognosis

Karen suffered from a dry cough for years and had difficulty swallowing, until she heard a very specific prayer...

Bring It On-Line: Muslim Dinner Invitation

I have new neighbors who invited our family over for dinner. I feel it would be very rude not...

Bring It On-Line: Daily Bible Reading

I found a "Gay" magazine in my son's room. What should I do? I know that if we want...

Bring It On-Line: Grieving the Holy Spirit

I was born again 7 years ago and was filled with the Holy Spirit. For the last year or...

Andraé Crouch: Club Performances 1

Songs featured: "This is Another Day, "Soon and Very Soon," "I Just Want to Know You," "Tell Them"

Mandatory Verses Have City Driving for Jesus

Mandatory Verses Have City Driving for Jesus

What Is it Like to Live in a Cave?

Suha and her family live in a cave in one of the poorest villages in the West Bank. With...

Bring It On-Line: Redeeming Your Soul

Is there a limit to how much hurt a person can endure from another person? Matthew 13:24 mentions weeds...


A very personal experience feeling God's presence in extreme circumstances. CBN’s Wendy Griffith traveled to Tanzania to do something...

Bring It On-Line: Jealously, What should I do?

I am sometimes afraid of my boyfriend because he gets very jealous when I talk to my parents or...

Bring It On-Line: Message from God?

My wife had an encounter with a messenger from God one night. She was very afraid. He was very...

Bring It On-Line: Falling Out in the Spirit

Since I was a boy I have enjoyed the music of an artist who converted to Islam. As a...

US on Alert after Ebola Death: 'We're Very Scared'

US on Alert after Ebola Death: 'We're Very Scared'

CBN Global Update: October 6, 2014

ENZ, the Hindi version of The 700 Club, celebrates nine years of broadcasting the Gospel in India.

Bring It On-Line: Released from Abusive Marriage

I was married to a very emotionally abusive man for 19 years. He would go weeks and months at...

European Union a Titanic Wreck in Waiting?

The European Union has been called the most ambitious political project in history, but it faces a very troubled...