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The Flight of His Life

A young man from the trailer parks of West Virginia and a divorced home felt out of place, He...

Building Hope for Wounded Veterans

Dan, a custom home builder, was ready to retire until he met the father of a wounded soldier. Dan's...

Pat Robertson's Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump

Pat Robertson's Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump

Trump Jabs Clinton on National Security: 'Putin Looks at Her and He Laughs'

Trump Jabs Clinton on National Security: 'Putin Looks at Her and He Laughs'

Turning Point - April 27, 2016

A group of military veterans who have served in the armed forces collectively for more than 107 years shares...

Benghazi: Real Account of What Happened

Special Forces veteran Kris Paronto shares what really happened the night of the Benghazi attack in 2012.

CBN News Minute - July 6, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS in a FLASH: Hillary Clinton Campaigns on, Ignoring FBI’s Assessment of #EmailGate… Oscar Pistorius Heading to...

Wounded Veteran Serves as Inspiration

Author and veteran Shilo Harris discusses overcoming devastating injuries in Iraq in 2007 and how he inspires others today.

Caring for the needs of our military children

Military kids face the challenges of frequent moves, parents deployed, visible and invisible injuries, and emotional trauma from a...

Studio 5: Yoba Conjuring

Veteran actor Malik Yoba shares untold stories of his childhood, faith and life after Empire. Writer and director James...

NFL Veteran Embraces New Challenge at Seminary

NFL Safety Don Carey shares his journey from party boy athlete to follower of Christ.

Trump Rips 'Unfair' Coverage, Has Choice Words for ABC Reporter

Trump Rips 'Unfair' Coverage, Has Choice Words for ABC Reporter

A Dark Future for Law Enforcement? Inside the 'Ferguson Effect'

With law enforcement officers under intense scrutiny and a spike in violence against men and women in blue, many...

CBN NewsWatch: March 10, 2016

Stakes high in Miami for GOP Presidential candidates; Terror victim Taylor Force a Veteran who served two combat tours...

Terror Victim Taylor Force a Veteran Who Served Two Combat Tours of Duty

We're learning more about the American graduate student murdered in a terror attack in Israel Tuesday night. Much of...

700 Club Interactive - Invisible Vets - March 07, 2016

Take a look into the lives of active duty military, their families and veterans to see what they have...

Couple Helps Restore Veterans and Families Struggling with PTSD

Chad Robichaux was a young marine when he married teenaged Kathy. After his service in the military they experienced...

The 700 Club - January 14, 2016

One couple makes it their mission to restore families and veterans struggling with PTSD. Plus, a woman’s esophagus is...