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Bring It On-Line: Hope for the future - May 6, 2016

Every day it seems the world is getting worse, especially America. Can you give us a biblical view point...

Eyes on N. Korea, US, China Affirm Nuclear Security Commitment

At a recent summit, President Barack Obama and China's president exchanged views on many pressing issues, but safeguarding the Korean...

CBN News Showcase: Homosexuality: A Christian View - March 27, 2016

CBN News goes beyond the headlines to bring our audience insight and perspective -- from those who regularly address...

CBN News Showcase: Homosexuality: A Christian View - March 26, 2016

CBN News goes beyond the headlines to bring our audience insight and perspective -- from those who regularly address...

U.S. Christians Support Israel More Than Israeli Christians

A new survey shows a big difference between Israeli Christians and American evangelicals in their views towards Israel.    

'Of Kings and Prophets' a Faith-Based Series Full of Sex, Violence

A new faith-based television program is debuting on ABC but viewers may need to beware. "Of Kings and Prophets" dramatizes...

Ex-Wheaton Professor Who Defended Islam Finds New Home

The professor who recently parted ways with Wheaton College over her views on Islam is joining the faculty at...

'Zootopia,' 'Risen' Inviting for Family Movie Viewing

It's a good weekend at the box office for family entertainment. "Zootopia" and "Risen" provide audiences with family-friendly films.

CBN News Minute - March 2, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: Trump & Clinton dominate #SuperTuesday, Cruz & Rubio score wins… Biggest Supreme Court...

Studio 5: Uncomfortable in Faith

This show’s guests include recording artists Andy Mineo, Richard Smallwood and tobyMac. Mineo talks about being uncomfortable in life....

Christian Judge Faces Ethics Charges for Marriage Views

A county judge in Oregon may lose his job after refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

The 700 Club - February 26, 2016

Author Sean McDowell offers insights in how to live out a biblical view of tolerance. Plus, a man’s search...

"The Beauty of Intolerance" Author Discusses Modern View of Tolerance

Sean McDowell talks about our culture’s view of tolerance, detects its inaccuracies and offers insights in how to live...

Too Sexy for Church Appeal: When Does Cleavage Become Sinful?

Actress Meagan Good, a Christian, has often been criticized for wearing clothing viewed as too sexy. Meanwhile NBA player...

American Idol Star Colton Dixon's Views on Sex and Marriage Trending

Christian singer/songerwriter and American Idol alum Colton Dixon is making headlines over his comments about saving sex for marriage.

Not Recycling, Immoral; Viewing Porn, No Problem

Most millennials feel that there is nothing wrong with pornography and that the real culprit of immorality is not recycling.

700 Club Interactive: Recovered and Restored - Dec. 22, 2015

Join us as 700 Club Interactive as hosts Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen share and minister to viewers.

Georgia Brothers Give Hollywood a Run for The Money with Faith Films

By prayerfully blending engaging stories with doctrinal integrity, Stephen and Alex Kendrick seek to inspire viewers and with films...