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Becoming 'The Church against Sin, Not Just Homosexuality'

The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage has church leaders grappling with how to respond to prevailing cultural views...

Is the Gay Marriage Debate over in America?

Is the debate over gay marriage in America over? What will happen to religious individuals and institutions who continue...

John Kasich On Faith and Medicaid

Ohio Governor John Kasich talks to David Brody about how his faith informs his views on taking care of...

Military Chaplains Orders: Follow Policy, Not Scripture

Today's global war with ISIS is all about faith and ideas. But with one Navy chaplain in danger of...

CBN Global Update: June 8, 2015

CBN’s Spanish show, Vida Dura Live, is now broadcasting online to serve a growing community of viewers.

Bring It On-Line: God's Healings

I saw the testimony of the woman whose face was healed on Thursday's show. She said God healed her...

Same-Sex Ministry in an Age of Gay Marriage

Since the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, churches are re-thinking ministry to those with same-sex attraction. What they're finding...

Kenneth Copeland Prays for 700 Club Interactive Audience

From the set of 700 Club Interactive, Kenneth Copeland prays for viewers.

Rafael Cruz: ‘Ted’s View on Dealing with One Party or Another Is Ronald Reagan’s View.’

Rafael Cruz addresses his son Ted Cruz’s critics who say, “He won’t compromise.”

Bring It On-Line: I feel like I'm in a pit when I willfully sin, am I forgiven?

Viewer - I've done wrong in the eyes of the LORD. How long does it take for Him to...

Week of Prayer 2015 - Day 3: Jeff Kemp

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 29, 2015 with Jeff Kemp speaking on viewing...

Lindsey Graham Talks About Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Views

Lindsey Graham tells The Brody File that Rand Paul's foreign policy views are problematic if he becomes the GOP...

Religious, Political Leaders Defend Navy Chaplain

Military, political and religious leaders are standing up for Navy Chaplain Wes Modder, who faces pottentially career-ending discipline for...

Bring It On-Line: Persecution and Torture

I'm very concerned for the Christians who, under persecution and torture, deny Christ in order to survive the ordeal....

700 Club Interactive - Gordon and Terry Praying for Your Needs

Gordon and Terry praying for viewers during today's 700 Club Interactive.

NASA Video: A View of Christmas Lights from Space

NASA Video: A View of Christmas Lights from Space

Adapt or Die: General Offers Firsthand View of War on Terror

Adapt or Die: General Offers Firsthand View of War on Terror

The Brody File: White House Calling? - Nov. 20, 2014

This week on the Brody File a look at how three presidential hopefuls plan to make their way from...