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Hope After Devastating Earthquakes

After multiple earthquakes, a pair of sisters struggle to provide for their families.

Sponsored Surgery Helps Child Pursue Dream

Reda's parents couldn't afford surgery to fix his sagging eyelid, but then someone stepped in to help.

Building Hope From Rubble

Tulasa and her mom watched in horror as homes in their neighborhood collapsed from the earthquake in Nepal. They...

Free Surgery Eases Family's Burden

Basava's family couldn't afford surgery to fix his cataracts. CBN heard about Basava and stepped in to help.

Pat Boone Credits God for His Success

Singer Pat Boone discusses success, faith, and his song "Exodus."

Russ Taff: Freed from a Life of Pain

Russ Taff's success in the Christian music world came on the heels of years of abuse. He relied on...

Family Finds Hope after Devastating Earthquake

When an earthquake struck Mexico, Margarita, her autistic daughter, and her two grandchildren barely escaped their home alive.

Single Mother Struggles to Provide

Ratna's husband left when she couldn't have a son, leaving her alone to care for their children. Money ran...

Filmmaking Is Family Business for this Father and Son

Watching movies isn’t just something Chris and Caleb do for entertainment—both of them are passionate about filmmaking, and they...

Fortune and Fame Don't Distract Journey Keyboardist from Faith

Jonathan Cain recalls how his faith was shaken after a traumatic childhood experience, and what pushed him to rededicate...

What Did They Do to Deserve This?

When Sahitha was born with cleft lip, her parents suffered ridicule from superstitious neighbors. “You must have sinned to...

10 Cows and a Stable – An Answer to Prayer!

Pastor Balkar worked on a dairy farm but barely made enough to feed and clothe his family. You were...

Confronting an Alcoholic Father

Shimpy dropped out of school after her dad lost his job and couldn't pay her tuition. Her parents were...

Hopeless Widow Sustains Family on One Meal a Day

After Susheela’s husband died she had no way to provide for her two young sons. CBN offered her a...

Nowhere to Live

See how you helped CBN rebuild the homes and lives of those destroyed by the earthquakes in Nepal.

Desperate Baby Gets New Lease on Life

In India, nine-month-old Vithal faces a desperate situation after being born with a cleft lip. CBN is able to...

Dodging Snakes to Get Water

Poori learned a painful lesson: avoid snakes when fetching water. It was a miracle she didn’t die from the...

“Grandfather, Be Healed!”

Vidhi, 11, adores her grandfather, who suffers paralysis from diabetes. After she she saw Jesus heal a paralyzed man...