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Netanyahu on Teen's Murder: 'You Don't Slit a Little Girl's Throat for Peace'

Netanyahu on Teen's Murder: 'You Don't Slit a Little Girl's Throat for Peace'

700 Club Interactive - A Heart for Orphans - June 15, 2016

Hear how a college student founded a children’s village and orphanage in Ghana.

One Woman Lives the Mission in Africa

Discover how a college student is building a village of hope in Ghana

Six-Mile Trek for a Drink of Water

A family in China had to walk six miles to get safe drinking water. One night they ran out...

Escaping Death—and Finding New Life

Reem ran for her life as bombs exploded in her Syrian village. Experience the perilous journey of this 13-year-old...

Village of Miracles

The children of Fayelar in Senegal were filled with faith, and miracles of healing happened regularly. Yet one hardship...

“Aren’t You Sorry He Was Born?”

For years they wanted a baby, and when little Dias was born they rejoiced—but not for long. No one...

Beware the Snakes and Scorpions!

In southern India, Anjaiah and his wife and 2-year-old daughter had to walk three miles and tiptoe around snakes...

Waiting for Water

Rosalinda sometimes fell asleep waiting for water to flow from the old pipe in her Guatemalan village. If none...

Fleeing ISIS—A Family’s Story

Samir and Ilhan looked over their shoulders and saw their Syrian village in flames. They fled the marauding ISIS...

Abandoned, Hungry and Alone

When Roger was nine, his mother decided to leave and not come back. Not even his loving grandmother could...

700 Club Interactive: A Day in the Life - December 21, 2015

After spending a day in a Nigerian village, our reporter learns that the “simple life” isn’t one at all.

ISIS Closing in on Strategic Christian Town in Syria

ISIS jihadists are within a few miles of an ancient Christian village in northern Syria.

Nowhere to Live

See how you helped CBN rebuild the homes and lives of those destroyed by the earthquakes in Nepal.

“Your Child is a Demon!”

Khadfy was born in Senegal with a sever cleft lip and palate. Tragically her family members rejected both baby...

Dodging Snakes to Get Water

Poori learned a painful lesson: avoid snakes when fetching water. It was a miracle she didn’t die from the...

Will the Twins Go Blind?

As 7-year-old twin daughters slowly lose their sight to cataracts, their parents resort to tribal remedies—like rubbing live fish...

Veterinarian Convert Heals More than Just Animals

In Nepal, nine out of 10 people have never heard the name of Jesus. One veterinarian spreads the word...