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Villagers Shun Baby With Cleft Lip

They called it punishment for the parents’ sins, but then a stranger brought the life-changing news.

What Is it Like to Live in a Cave?

Suha and her family live in a cave in one of the poorest villages in the West Bank. With...

Village Bells

Phil Keaggy sings, “Village Bells.”


CBN Reporter, Dan Reany experiences what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a Nigerian family by...

700 Club Interactive: A Day in the Life - October 21, 2014

After spending a day in a Nigerian village, our reporter learns that the “simple life” isn’t one at all.

American Reporter Spends 36 Hours Living with Rural Nigerian Family

One family in Africa gets an unexpected house guest from America. How he repays their kindness shocks everyone.

Restoring Stolen Childhoods: Giving Kids the World

There's nothing more stressful for a family than caring for a child with a terminal illness. But a special...

Restoring Stolen Childhoods: Giving Kids the World

Restoring Stolen Childhoods: Giving Kids the World

The 700 Club - August 29, 2014

Drugs, alcohol, and sex were Deanna’s coping mechanism when life got painful, but inside she remained desperate. Plus, a...

Unlikely Investors Bring Superbook to Ukraine

A group of young Ukrainian Christians attend a Superbook premiere and are then compelled to fund a Superbook event...

Free Food for Body and Soul

As a Shaman, Miriam never felt peace in life, but after attending church services sponsored by CBN in her...

A Simple Solution to Fight Sickness and Death

For generations, this village has been plagued with the sickness and death that come from drinking contaminated water. But...

The 700 Club - July 10, 2014

A body builder experiences a miraculous healing from a career-threatening shoulder injury. Plus, The amazing story of one woman’s...

700 Club Interactive: Young and Sick - June 30, 2014

Is God always good? See how Matt Chandler, pastor of Village Church, was able to believe in God's goodness...


Thousands of Iraqi Christians fled for their lives this week. ISIS terror groups are attacking christian villages, as they...

Twins Face Ritual Killing

Mabel and Bethel were born to Christian parents in a remote Nigerian village where twins were considered a curse,...

Boy Falls Into Dangerous Open Well

It was Samnang’s job to draw water for his family, but the village well was both dirty—filled with frogs,...

Vigilante Villagers Gear Up to Fight Boko Haram

Vigilante Villagers Gear Up to Fight Boko Haram