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Mary Kay’s Golden Year Full of History & Vision

Mary Kay Cosmetics celebrates 50 years. Its Founder Mary Kay Ash often visited The 700 Club and talked about...

A Message from Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson talks about his new teaching, Visions of the Night: How God Speaks in Dreams.

Joel Osteen: Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Pastor Joel Osteen visits The 700 Club to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended.

Trafficked: 'Won't Cooperate? We'll Hurt Your Child'

The sex slave trade is a global industry that's getting worse. Sex slaves never get a break and if...

For 200 Years, Students Lead Way for Missions Outreach

For 200 Years, Students Lead Way for Missions Outreach

700 Club Interactive: Interpreting Your Dreams - Nov.26, 2013

Co-founder of Christian International Jane Hamon discusses how we can find the meaning within dreams and visions.

Making an Impact from Beyond the Grave

Born with a deadly heart defect, Ben Breedlove was able to inspire millions at the end of his short life.

Trafficked: 'Won't Cooperate? We'll Hurt Your Child'

Trafficked: 'Won't Cooperate? We'll Hurt Your Child'

Once Prosperous Syrians Now Living in Desperation

Once Prosperous Syrians Now Living in Desperation

My God Adventure – The Story of Orphan's Promise

The start of Orphan's Promise really begins with the story of three Ukrainian sisters and one woman's response to...

Bring It On-Line: Calling

I was given a vision/dream in March of 2013. Jesus gave me a specific list to share with believers,...

Opening Eyes to God's Love in India

Mohammed was losing his vision because of cataracts. CBN was able to provide the necessary surgery to restore his...

7 Days Ablaze September 5, 2013: Caroline Barnett

Caroline Barnett, co-pastor of Angelus Temple in Los Angeles and the L.A. Dream Center, shares her vision of a...

Reoccurring Seizures Stopped Cold by God

For more than two decades Christine was a prisoner of epilepsy and grand mal seizures, then she was set...

Vision of Jesus Introduces African Man to God

After watching the 700 Club, Sanusi has dream of Jesus dying on a cross…even though he had never heard...

The 700 Club - August 14, 2013

An 18-wheeler truck ran into her, and Deerinda went from being trapped in her car to the stair steps...

Renaissance Style Paintings Adorn Regent's Chapel

With the completion of two renaissance paintings of Biblical scenes, Regent University’s new chapel is finally complete.

Arrest Leads to Spiritual Freedom

Drugs and crime put Brandon on the wrong side of the law eventually leading to his arrest. On the...