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Ayushmaa Learns to Walk

The prayers of a devoted mother are answered as her daughter with Cerebral Palsy learns how to walk


St. Augustine said, "Enthusiasm in one man ignites the same fire in another." Recently one young Christian decided to...

Lower Tax States Proving Less Really Is More

Lower Tax States Proving Less Really Is More

Lower Tax States Proving Less Really Is More

A new look at federal taxpayer information shows clearly that Americans are fleeing states with higher taxes for states...

700 Club Interactive: Miracles Still Happen - August 12, 2013

Have you ever seen a lame man walk? See how miracles aren't a thing of the past.

Eva Piper's Walk Through the Dark

Author Eva Piper shares what it was like when her husband Don experienced 90 minutes in Heaven after a...

The Miracles that Shaped the USA

Historian and author Bill Federer guides a walking tour of Philadelphia to reveal the many miracles that helped form...


God-fearing daredevil Nik Wallenda took a historic high-wire walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge in Arizona near the...

'Yes Jesus!' Nick Wallenda Conquers Grand Canyon

'Yes Jesus!' Nick Wallenda Conquers Grand Canyon

Walk by Faith: Sightless Woman Leads Blind School

Walk by Faith: Sightless Woman Leads Blind School

The 700 Club - June 21, 2013

High wire artist Nik Wallenda talks about his Grand Canyon tightrope walk. Plus, Emily suffered for pain related to...


What would you do if a life-threatening illness robbed you of the ability to walk and talk and forced...

Tuberculosis in His Bone

Although most TB infections affect the lungs, four-year-old Michael got TB in his thigh bone. When his leg swelled...

God - Help My Son Walk!

Mariyka looked at her son’s Vasya’s club foot and wondered if he would ever be able to walk. Mariyka...

Dreaming of a Way to Help

Pinkeo survived polio as a child but was never been able to walk or attend school. Living with her...

700 Club Interactive: Team Long Brothers - May 14, 2013

Seven-year-old Cayden Long can't walk or talk. But with the help of his nine-year-old brother Conner, the two compete...

To Walk Again: Prayer Fuels Miracle Healing

Orphan's Promise finances a surgery that got Isaac's mother back on her feet.

No Longer Walking With a Limp

Hip pain had Esther feeling like she had needles in her joint when she heard Gordon Robertson give a...