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The Brody File: RNC GO! - July 14, 2016

The countdown to the RNC Convention is on. We’re headed to Cleveland to check out security measures for the...

Perfectionist Finds Peace with Christian Faith

Emily longed for approval and acceptance and as a college student she dabbled in false religions.

Victory Through Prayer

Best-selling author Anne Graham Lotz discusses prayer that moves heaven and changes nations.

What Happened When the Evangelist Met the Witch Doctor

What Happened When the Evangelist Met the Witch Doctor

Pastor David Ireland Readies His Weapon

In his new book, “The Weapon of Prayer” pastor David Ireland shares that we can be successful spiritual warriors...

Pastor David Ireland’s Weapon of Choice

Mega-church pastor David Ireland will discuss his book, “The Weapon of Prayer” that helps us be successful spiritual warriors...

Navy SEAL Receives Medal of Honor at White House Ceremony

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers, Jr. received the Medal of Honor for his part in a daring...

CBN on the Frontlines Where ISIS Launched Chemical Warfare

Kurdish officials are reporting a new chemical weapons attack, and CBN's Chuck Holton is on the ground in Sinjar...

700 Club Interactive - DARC Training - February 17, 2016

An elite training camp helps prepare police officers for urban warfare.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Middle East

What do Americans really need to know about what's going on in the Middle East? Three leading experts on...

Moscow's Latest Move Has US Admiral 'Worried Everyday'

Russia's growing military activity continues to increase tension with the United States and a recent New York Times report...

Author David Ireland

Author David Ireland shares about his book, “The Weapon of Prayer."

Christian Leaders: 'War Room' Could Change a Nation

"War Room" comes to theaters August 28 and Christian leaders who received a recent sneak peek at Atlanta's Convergence...

Christian Leaders: 'War Room' Could Change a Nation

Christian Leaders: 'War Room' Could Change a Nation

Why Latest US Cyberattack May Herald a New Era

The government is investigating an immense cyberattack that compromised millions of government personnel files. The breach may be just...

Netanyahu: Call Me a 'Party Pooper,' But I'm Not Alone

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows he's often portrayed as a "nuclear party pooper," but he isn't the only...

Army Anthrax Error Causes Scare in 9 States

Military authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the Army's accidental shipment of live anthrax samples.

Experts: US Overlooking its Biggest Threat, China

A growing number of national security experts say China may actually pose the greatest long-term national security threat to...