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CBN News Showcase: Faith, Family, and Films - May 21, 2016

On this edition of CBN News Showcase we take an inside look at faith films that are impacting the world.

CBN News Showcase: What The Church Should Know About Children wit - May 14, 2016

One in five Americans have some kind of disability, but are they in the church? On this edition of...

Regent Commencement 2016

Highlights from Regent University's weekend commencement activities.

CBN News Showcase: - May 7, 2016

CBN News Showcase: - May 7, 2016

CBN News Showcase: The State of Religion - April 30, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, April 30: What’s the future look like for Christianity? We take a look at the...

CBN News Showcase: Ecuador Recovering, Michigan Rebounding - April 23, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, April 23: CBN and Operation Blessing are on the ground making a difference in both...

CBN News Showcase: Christian Persecution in Muslim Countries - April 16, 2016

Christians living in Muslim countries often fear torture, violence, and death. In a special report, CBN News Senior International...

CBN News Showcase: Heroin: Turning The U.S Upside Down? - April 9, 2016

Once thought to be a street drug, Heroin, is now much more common and is becoming more deadly. CBN...

CBN Global Update: April 4, 2016

CBN hosted to two special Superbook events in London over Easter weekend, ministering to hundreds of kids in attendance.

'God's Not Dead 2,' 'Miracles from Heaven' Finish in Top 5

Two faith-based films finished in the top five at the box office this weekend.

CBN News Showcase: Islam: Terrorizer or Peacemaker? - April 2, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, April 2: A Pakistani Christian leader shares what the church in Pakistan is facing following...

CBN News Showcase: Homosexuality: A Christian View - March 26, 2016

CBN News goes beyond the headlines to bring our audience insight and perspective -- from those who regularly address...

CBN News Showcase: Millennials, Trump, Sanders & Socialism - March 19, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, March 19: Why are millennials boarding the "Trump train" and "feeling the Bern?" What is...

CBN News Showcase: Depression and the Church - March 12, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, March 12: Depression is more prevalent than you might think, even in Christian circles. What...

Trump and Cruz Agree on One Thing: Rubio Should Quit

Republican and Democratic primaries this weekend revealed Ted Cruz is gaining ground on Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders is...

CBN NewsWatch: March 07, 2016

Trump and Cruz agree on one thing: Rubio should quit; America mourns a President's friend, protector, caregiver and companion;...

'Zootopia,' 'Risen' Inviting for Family Movie Viewing

It's a good weekend at the box office for family entertainment. "Zootopia" and "Risen" provide audiences with family-friendly films.

CBN News Showcase: Anti-Christian Agenda or Paranoia? - March 5, 2016

On CBN News Showcase, March 5: Some say American Christians are paranoid about feeling targeted and persecuted, but is...