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If Only He Could Swallow Food

Juan’s cleft lip made it practically impossible to swallow food. Consequently, his weight dropped by nearly half. His mom...

Shape Up For Summer!

Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter partners with CBN to launch a new 8-week health and wellness challenge. Boost brain performance,...

The 700 Club - April 5, 2017

One doctor reveals how you can lose weight and achieve optimal health in just eight weeks. Plus, the...

Dying Mother Prays For Suffering to End

Barbara couldn't keep any food down for three and a half years, and her extreme weight loss had her...

'Face-to-Face' Couples Achieve Better Immune and Heart Health

'Face-to-Face' Couples Achieve Better Immune and Heart Health

Lose Weight by Eating

TV-star and author of "Lose Weight by Eating," Audrey Johns will discuss how she changed her lifestyle so she...

Weight Loss Trouble? 'Reset' Your Hormones

Weight Loss Trouble? 'Reset' Your Hormones

Prayer Lifts 15-Year Weight Off Shoulder

Bridgid lived with pain in her right shoulder for years, but as the pain increased she could not tolerate...

Elevate Your Marriage: Retreat Confronts These 3 Divorce Factors

It takes work to keep a marriage on the right track. That's why one New Jersey church is helping...

28th Child in Polygamist Family Struggles to Belong

Brian craved the love and approval of his father. As an adult he couldn't escape the weight of his...

Parents and Child in Agony

Each time they looked at little Sai Teja, his parents grew more despondent. His cleft lip and palate prevented...

Get Your “Diet Diagnosis” From Author David Nico

Author of, “Diet Diagnosis,” David Nico shares tips for a healthier you in the New Year.

“America’s Pharmacist” Suzy Cohen Talks Health for the Holidays

Best-selling author and pharmacist Suzy Cohen offers ideas on controlling appetite and cravings this holiday season.