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Coming Cyber-Attack: Don't Panic, Be Prepared

There are signs cyber-terrorists are poised to launch a massive assault on the U.S. economy. But security expert Kevin...


The world's major powers are trying to ease the standoff between Russia and Ukraine, but there's one story from...

700 Club Interactive: The Curse of Complaining - March 5, 2014

Where does complaining get you? Find out just how destructive negative talk can be.

Bring It On-Line: End if the World and Children

With all this talk about the end of the world, I feel that I shouldn't have children. I don't...

Bankruptcy? How to Avoid Taxes on Cancelled Debt

If bankruptcy or foreclosure happened to you in 2013, you could still owe the Internal Revenue Service. Tax expert...

700 Club Interactive: Maintaing Your Peace - March 3, 2014

How do you maintain peace? Find out how you can keep your peace in the midst of trials.

Bring It On-Line: Generational Curses

Do you believe there are generational curses? If so, would you say that families that have diabetes or cancer...

When Your Lavish Lifestyle Leads You Astray

Evan was chasing his fashion model dream in NYC, but the lifestyle was causing him to compromise his faith.

700 Club Interactive: When Your Spouse is Out of Control - Feb. 26, 2014

Why prayer in the midst of a crisis just might save you and your marriage.

700 Club Interactive: Praying for a Sick Child - Feb. 24, 2014

What do you do when nothing else works? How one couple kept praying through their daughter's cancer.

“You Cared for Me Like Your Own Child”

After Saina fell out of a mango tree and broke her wrist, her grandmother knew they would need a...

Bring It On-Line: Honor Your Parents

I know we have to honor our parents, but my mother is a Wiccan. How can I honor her...


Pennsylvania Pastor Sam Childers is best known for his charitable work rescuing kidnapped children in Africa. Over the years,...

CBN News Valentine Giveaway

CBN News Valentine Giveaway

Christian World News: February 14, 2014

This week on Christian World News: The protest video that's gone viral on the Internet. We'll tell you what...

Jerusalem Dateline: Finding Biblical History - February 14, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: It's being called one of the most significant discoveries in decades. We take you...

700 Club Interactive: Saved From Divorce - Feb. 14, 2014

What do you do when a good marriage goes bad? Find out what saved one couple after adultery.

Bring It On-Line: Tribulation

What does it mean when someone says ‘you should make sure you’re right with God before it’s too late?’...