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Unlikely Investors Bring Superbook to Ukraine

A group of young Ukrainian Christians attend a Superbook premiere and are then compelled to fund a Superbook event...

Teenage Lawmaker? Saira Blair Could Make History

At 17, most high school seniors focus on prom, graduation, and college. But not always. West Virginia senior Saira...

Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep Challenge Kids in 'The Giver'

Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep Challenge Kids in 'The Giver'

Wanted: Young Farmers to Grow America's Food

As many of America's farmers are aging out, young farmers are needed, fast. One answer may be found at...

Wanted: Young Farmers to Grow America's Food

Wanted: Young Farmers to Grow America's Food

22 Years in Prison After One Bad Decision

Drinking and driving left Eric responsible for the deaths of two young women. But he found his second chance...

The 700 Club - August 11, 2014

Jen Hatmaker is a busy mom and wife whose family is featured on a new HGTV show, “My Big...

When Your Child Needs Surgery You Can’t Afford

Just eight years old, Rafelino needed a second hernia operation – surgery his parents couldn’t afford. See how...

700 Club Interactive: Lost Yet Found - August 1, 2014

The amazing story of one egotistical young man who met with God while serving a 10-year prison sentence.

Coming Home: Europe Next War Front for Jihadists?

In a video message, British jihadists in Syria can be seen trying to recruit more Muslim young men to...

From Hopeless Orphan to Young Man With a Future

Fourteen-year-old Stephen is an orphan with brittle bonedisease. See what you made possible through Orphan’s Promise that is giving...

"The Queen of Katwe"

A young girl from the slums of Uganda grows to become one of the unlikeliest chess champions in the world

700 Club Interactive: Free and Whole - July 17, 2014

Life’s disappointments can leave us broken. After the divorce of her parents, watch how one young woman finds freedom...

The 700 Club - July 16, 2014

For years Jim chose drugs and crime above all else and paid the price. Plus, as a young girl,...

Wild Weather Floods Cities, Uproots Trees

Wild Weather Floods Cities, Uproots Trees

After Years of an Eating Disorder, Young Woman Discovers True Beauty

As a young girl, Lauryn associated beauty with weight and a deadly eating disorder took root in her life.

Bring It On-Line: Zionism

I support Israel, but I have noticed a large on-line community that refers to Zionism as racism. They use...


The World Cup in Brazil is dominating the attention of more than a billion people around the world. Even...