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Liberty's Largest Graduating Class Honored In Star-Studded Ceremony

Liberty's Largest Graduating Class Honored In Star-Studded Ceremony

Young Boys: The Invisible Victims of the Sex Trade Industry

Young Boys: The Invisible Victims of the Sex Trade Industry

Church Tips Big

Recovering from addiction can be tough, but receiving a $700 tip on a pizza delivery from a church congregation...

Tristan Owens

After losing his sister and part of his brain in a car accident, a former young aspiring athlete discovers...

Young Father Feared Dead After 13 Minutes Without Air

When Michael was pulled from the bottom of his neighbor's pool unresponsive, his family expected the worst.

Kegan Wesley’s Love Lesson

Kegan Wesley shares what a real, raw, and romantic relationship looks like.

700 Club Interactive - Heaven and Hell are Real - April 7, 2016

A young man on the ultimate power trip takes a trip to hell and a skydiver takes a trip...

700 Club Interactive - Hope for the Unborn - April 1, 2016

A young girl lives with the shame of three abortions – see how hope changes everything.

News on The 700 Club: March 28, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 28: Belgian pastor: church should prepare for a 'new reality'; Global terror...

Young Louisiana Flood Victims Receive Candy, Toys on Easter

On Easter Sunday, the Operation Blessing team delivered baskets filled with candy and toys to children of families affected...

CBN NewsWatch: March 28, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, March 28: Global terror watch after deadly bombings in Pakistan; Belgian pastor: church should prepare for...

Christian World News - March 25, 2016

This week on Christian World News: Cuban and U.S. leaders meet for the first time in decades; will it...

Bank Robbery Forces Man to Face The Pain of His Past

Having grown up in a violent home, Reggie found solace and power by joining a gang at a young...

700 Club Interactive - Miraculous Survivor - March 17, 2016

A young man is given less than a two percent chance of survival after a horrific car crash.

700 Club Interactive - When Young People Pray - March 15, 2016

A grandmother with stage three cancer is miraculously healed at a youth service.

The 700 Club - March 14, 2016

A young boy is killed in a car crash, but returns to earth to tell him mom about heaven....

'Young Messiah' Takes a Look at Life of Christ as a Boy

Filmmakers have taken a look at the life of Christ from a new perspective in "Young Messiah." The film...

Gizmo at the 'Top the World' Helps Devastated Kids Laugh Again

The country was devastated last year by a tragic earthquake. Today, CBN's Superbook's "Gizmo" is helping kids laugh again...