The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

it happened to me

Carl Hanton: Surviving the Ride of his Life

By Ken Hulme and Susan Mann
The 700 Club “I was riding my motorcycle,” Carl recalls. “A car made a left turn and slid up on the gas tank.”

His wife Vicky says, “The told us he had eight broken ribs, a fractured spleen, and he had some contusions and abrasions. His chest, his abdomen had swollen so big from the impact, and they didn’t know what was going to happen to him. They told us he was going to lose his spleen.

“They didn’t remove his spleen. They instead decided to watch it,” she continues. “It still kept seeping. They did blood work, and they could tell he was still losing some blood. But at that time they decided that they wanted to continue to watch it.”

“Yeah I was in the hospital for about three weeks,” Carl says. “[I] had about a four-hour drive back home. Then when I got home, with the pain and the medication and so forth, everything was kind of drowsy and hazy.”

“Upon release from the hospital, I brought him home,” Vicky says. “When I brought Carl to the internist office for his visit, the internist was quite surprised that he still had his spleen. He said that they would not know for sure, for maybe a year, whether he could save that spleen or not.”

“Typically each night I watch The 700 Club,” says Carl. “It’s on from 11-12. On this particular night I fell asleep prior to it coming on. I woke up, and I noticed there was 15 minutes left to go. So I switched over to the channel that it was on, and Pat Robertson was there.”

The moment that Carl turned to The 700 Club, Pat Robertson gave a Word of Knowledge about someone who had a ruptured spleen being healed.

“And I said, ‘Thanks God’ and went right back to sleep,” says Carl. “I knew it was for me. I felt as if God had woken me up and told me to listen to this.

“I went to the doctor, and he told me that I didn’t have to come back. I was very surprised and elated.”

Vicki says, “It’s a miracle. I believe it’s a miracle.”

“I know it’s God. I know it’s Jesus,” says Carl. “I am amazed. I think about all that He has created, the universe is just totally unending, how tiny we are, how He can reach out to us individually and do something for us. It’s amazing."

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