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Cindy Lewis: The Breath of Life

By Kristin Cooney and Pete Bustetter
The 700 Club Cindy Lewis knew how it felt to be in constant pain. “The pressure was always there. It filled my whole face, and it would hurt in my ear so bad sometimes,” she says.

She tried everything -- antibiotics, decongestants, antihistamines. The side effects would alter her moods or make her too sleepy.

Cindy thought there was no cure, and doctors told her, “’You are just going to have to live with this. It is called a chronic sinus infection.’”

However, Cindy was a regular watcher of The 700 Club.

“It was a Friday night, and it was late,” Cindy recalls. “I was lying there watching and Terry [Meeuwsen] said: ‘There is someone [who has] a chronic problem with your sinuses. In fact, some of your sinus cavity has actually deteriorated from chronic infection. God is completely not only healing that, but restoring what’s been deteriorated. You are going to be completely well.’”

When Terry spoke that word, it hit Cindy that the chronic pain described was her’s.

“At that same moment I felt the pressure release,” she says. “I felt movement and the air starting to go in little by little and then it was just totally clear. I was so excited, and I breathed and then I said I am healed! I am healed! The Lord touched me! I am healed!”

Now, Cindy is breathing with ease. “It’s been wonderful.. I haven’t had any ear infections.

“I know that Jesus is risen. He wants to heal us. He wants to give good gifts to His children. He loves us.”

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