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A Church Still Standing

By Kristi Watts
The 700 Club KRISTI WATTS (reporting): When I first arrived at Long Beach, Mississippi, my mind couldn’t grasp what my eyes were seeing. But in the midst of this tragedy and chaos were glimmers of hope -- hope that brings miracles. Richard Breland had seen two miracles in his life. Both happened at the Gulfport Church of God.

Richard Breland: For four and a half years, this has been my home, and I love it here. I do what I have to for God or man, because God has changed me from what I used to be. All I want to do is serve Him. I will do what I can for Him, no matter what.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): The first miracle happened one night four and a half years ago.

Richard Breland: Me and my father were here one night, and God had convicted me. I got Daddy by the hand, and I carried him down to the altar. He prayed with me. I’ll serve Him until I die. I was a drug addict. My Daddy didn’t know it. But God has changed me. I had emphysema. I had a cracked ankle. The night I gave my life to God at that altar, He healed my ankle. He cleaned my lungs out. The doctor says I haven’t got emphysema or anything anymore. That was God. He is the only one that could ever do anything that miraculous.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): Recently Richard saw yet another miracle. The first signs of Hurricane Katrina had come ashore, so Richard and some others went to their church.

Richard Breland: The pastor and our wives had walked around in the sanctuary. All we were doing was praying. We told God this is His house. We belong to Him. If it was our time to go, we’re here. We’re His. That big sign up there. We watched it fly to pieces. The sign on the parsonage over here, it was coming off. The shed back there that we were watching the tin just peel off like it was nothing.

KRISTI WATTS: So you were praying a special protection over the church?

Richard Breland: Over the church. Not my life, but me and the pastor had done agreed that this was His. We were His. What His will would be concerning both of our lives.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): At the height of Katrina’s fury, they prayed even harder. Richard did what he could to keep the water from coming into the sanctuary.

KRISTI WATTS: So as the wind and the water started to come in, what were you doing?

Richard Breland: It kept pouring in, and I kept mopping it up.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): When the storm finally passed, they were astounded. Surrounding buildings were ripped apart, some heavily damaged. But the church? Not a scratch.

KRISTI WATTS: Why do you think the Lord spared this church?

Richard Breland: To do this. This is His work. All this out here, distributing food, feeding all these people that have been coming, all the other churches that have been coming for help, that’s what we’re for. This is God’s land. This is all His land.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): As one of the few undamaged buildings in this community, the church partnered with Operation Blessing and other relief organizations to help hurricane victims. And in one day alone, the church fed an estimated 6,000 people.

KRISTI WATTS: Do you think it was a miracle that the church is still standing, and so many other buildings are gone?

Richard Breland: Yes, I do. And I believe in miracles, because I’m a miracle.

KRISTI WATTS: How are you a miracle?

Richard Breland: I’m saved by His grace. Where would I be today if He hadn’t saved me?

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