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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?
The user creates a video message on their computer where it is automatically compressed, encoded, and sent to The 700 Club editorial staff for review. Your question may be used on a future episode of The 700 Club.


What is the recommended bandwidth for Bring It On?
Bring It On was designed for use with a broadband connection for full-motion video and audio streaming; however, there are not any software limitations with using a dial-up connection. When using a dial-up connection to send, the user will notice a longer file upload period. The messages can be reviewed by recipients on either high-speed or dial-up connections.


What type of camera can be used?
Bring It On is designed to work with most web cameras. We recommend using a camera that captures video at 30fps (frames per second) in order to create high-quality messages.


Is a microphone required?
A microphone is required for recording your voice with the video capture. The microphone can be internal to the camera, internal to the laptop, or externally plugged into the sound card or USB port.


How long is the average message?
The average Bring It On message is less than one minute. There is a one minute recording time limit.

Technical Requirements:

Video Length
Video Size
1 Minute (max) 200MB (max)

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