The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


How to Successfully Upload a Bring It On Question


Step 1:
Allow access to your webcam and microphone by clicking “Allow”.  If you do not wish to continue please click “Deny”.


Step 2:
Click the circle icon to record from your webcam.  Click the triangle icon to upload your video.


Step 3:
Wait for the visual countdown to reach zero (0) before you begin recording your question.  When finished, click on the red “stop recording” button beneath the video window.


Step 4:
You may review what you have recorded by clicking on the gray “play” button in the center of the video window.


Step 5:
If satisfied with your recorded question please click on the green “continue” icon beneath the video window.  To re-record, please click on the red “re-record” icon beneath the video window.


Step 6:
Congratulations! Your Bring It On video question has been submitted.  Your question may be used on a future episode of The 700 Club. Tune in to the show frequently to see if your question will be featured.



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