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Mariam Tripp: Is Your Family Stressing You Out?

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club

CBN.comChaos reigned in Mariam Tripp’s life. What had once been a peaceful household was now full of arguing, especially with her son.  

“All of the sudden, he became defiant," Mariam tells The 700 Club. "‘Just get out of my way. Get out of my room. Get out of my life.  Don’t mess with me.’  His attitude completely changed.”

Her relationship with her husband was strained too.

“We were not on the same page anymore. Everything that came out of his mouth offended me.  Everything that came out of my mouth offended him.”

And to top it off, Mariam was responsible for paying for her aunt’s healthcare. The cost was about to double.  She began asking God why this was happening.

“'My son hates me. My aunt, who is like a mother to me, is going to be thrown into some public nursing home. And now husband, who I thought You told me [to] marry him, was I imagining all these things?  Is my life nothing but a big fat joke?'”

Mariam’s life was about to change dramatically.  And it began with a word of knowledge on The 700 Club.

“She said everything except mentioning me by name.”

Terry Meeuwsen delivered this word of knowledge:  “Your family is such a mess. I’m not talking about your immediate family but your extended family.  You feel almost paralyzed by what goes on. There is so much trauma in your family, and you have been crying out to God for an answer.  God is saying to you today, ‘I’m the Lord your Deliverer.’  Just receive His deliverance from the fear of what’s happening, from the overwhelming anxiety that’s created by the yelling, the anger and the hostility.  You are going to walk above that with the Lord Jesus Christ in your life.”

“Immediately after I heard that word of knowledge and claimed it for myself, my heart started to soften towards my husband and our son. My husband and I sat down and decided to go on a nice little vacation for a few days just to smooth things over and to start fresh.  It was magical.  And it was as if we just met. We just fell in love all over again and my marriage was back together.”

Then her son’s attitude dramatically changed.

Mariam’s son recalls, “The Lord was working in me at that time to build a deeper relationship with Him and through that analyzing the relationships that I had. When I saw that I had so much pride inside of my heart and I felt she was the instigator for so long which was not true I had an equal share of blame in that. "

Then Mariam got some good news.  All her extended family was going to chip in and help pay for her aunt’s healthcare facility.  Mariam’s life was once again filled with peace, thanks to God’s blessings.

“Life is good. Praise God. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  And just like the Lord Jesus says, make the kingdom of heaven your priority and everything else will be added unto you.  And that is the truth. I live by it.  Praise God!”

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