The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Sharon Schaible: 'He Comes Through'

By Julie Blim
The 700 Club

CBN.comI had been going through a lot, adjusting to being alone. We had boys at home and my husband passed away, so a lot of things changed pretty quickly. 

This rash just came on very suddenly.  It was bad. It was just all over.  I thought it was more like a spiritual attack, because I couldn’t necessarily think of anything I had eaten. 

When you’re alone, you can call a friend, but people are busy and so on. The 700 Club is right there to call, and that’s one of the things they desire to do -  to help people. They want to be available.

I called right away. [The rash] wasn’t goin’ away. I didn’t attempt to put anything on it, but I wanted prayer!  So I called right away.  She prayed with me, and I went so quickly. It just went to quickly.

Healing is the children’s bread.  To me, it’s a basic part of our salvation, a basic part of our Christian life.  So I’ve depended on God a lot for all kinds of healings.  He’s come through time and time again. 

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