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Ted Webster: Twenty Years of Pain, One Miracle

By David Sisson
The 700 Club

CBN.comIn 1985, Ted Webster was involved in a car accident

“I was hit by a drunk driver and took a lot of damage to my right arm,” Ted recalls.

He suffered severe damage to his elbow, which had to be reconstructed through surgery. “There was also scaring and muscle damage on the shoulder which was causing more of a problem to me because I couldn’t lie on it at night,” Ted adds. “I couldn’t sleep on it. I’d end up waking up with like my whole shoulder just locked up.

“In Australia, I [had] very little access to Christian TV. It was only when we moved here four years ago I started watching The 700 Club. I really enjoyed having Christian TV. I just really enjoy the teachings and stories The 700 Club tells.”

On the day Ted was watching, Gordon Robertson gave a Word of Knowledge about someone with a shoulder injury.

“The more he told about the particular injury I thought, well that really does sound exactly like my injury,” he says.

Gordon said, “There’s someone with an injury to your right shoulder. The doctors call it a ‘quarterback injury’ because quarterbacks tend to get this type of thing. God’s healing you. All that pain, discomfort and limited movement is gone now in the name of Jesus. What you could not do before, do now and receive healing into that shoulder.”

“As Gordon said, ‘You’re healed in Jesus’ name,’ I just claimed that,” Ted says. “As I went to bed that night, I rolled onto my right-hand side and felt okay. I thought, well, this is actually feeling the best it has in many years.”

But when Ted woke up the next morning…

“Having no pain, having gone right through the night lying on my right-hand side, sleeping on my right-hand side for the first time in about 20 years... it was just incredible to think that God really has completely healed this shoulder,” Ted says.

“I don’t feel as if I can’t lift this anymore. I can’t pick up my child or lift him over my head. It’s just a real sense of excitement when something happens to you.”

And what does Ted want you to know?

“I know He does still heal. So, don’t ever lose faith, because just when you least expect it, God’s gonna do a miracle.”

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