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Reoccurring Seizures Stopped Cold by God

By Ken Hulme
The 700 Club

CBN.comFor more than two decades 34-year-old Christine Sheetz was a prisoner of epilepsy and grand mal seizures. 

The condition absolutely controlled my life,” Christine told The 700 Club. “I couldn’t even be left alone when I was a young adult because it was too dangerous.”

The seizures started when Christine was 2, after a photo shoot with her sitting on a horse went terribly wrong. 

“The flash on the camera spooked the horse. It bucked me off and I ended up falling off and hitting my head.”

Shortly after that Christine had her first grand mal seizure.

“Doctors told my parents, through the results of the tests that they ran, that I was epileptic.”

Doctors tried treating Christine with anti-seizure medicines, but she couldn’t tolerate them because they caused more seizures and migraine headaches. 
For 10 years she had small or petit-mal seizures. Then at age 13, she took a turn for the worse.

“Due to my hormones, I now began to have grand mal seizures. And the doctors attempted to treat me once again with medicine and it failed.”

During her years as a teenager, the number and the intensity of the seizures increased. But as debilitating as the seizures and migraines were, Christine told us that what happened to her in school made things far worse. 

“I was verbally abused on a daily basis. They told me I would never get married, that no one would ever want to be friends with me, no one would ever want to be around me. And they used to call me ‘Little Seizures Pizza.’”

To cope with the growing anguish inside, Christine turned to cutting. 

“I would just go into the bathroom and I would take a knife and cut myself. Sometimes it just gave me a sense of release instead of having it all bottled up inside of me.”

On at least two occasions, Christine attempted suicide.

“I remember thinking if this is all my life is gonna be all about, you know, what’s the point in living.” 

By her 20’s Christine was still totally dependent on her mother. Living with her was the only option. And her seizures were getting worse. 

“I was having seizures on a daily.”

Finally in 2000, Christine had radical surgery to remove part of her temporal lobe of her brain. That surgery, along with some new medicines, actually reduced the number of seizures she would have over the next 5 years. Unfortunately, while she was on the operating table, Christine had a stroke which left her with some serious side effects. 

“Before I went through physical therapy, the entire left side of my body was partially paralyzed and I was unable to walk. And it also left me with chronic pain syndrome which left me in absolutely excruciating pain and agony basically 24/7. And the stroke cut off my peripheral vision.”

Now Christine had to spend most of her time indoors, reading, drawing, and watching TV. The 700 Club was a favorite program.

“I had been watching the 700 Club for years, and there was a word of knowledge…”
“Somebody else, you have an injury related to a horse. I don’t understand what it is, but God is healing it for you,” said Terry Meeuwsen as part of The 700 Club on August 11, 2006. 
“I got a chill up my spine and I leaped up out of my chair and started praising the Lord that I would be seizure free,” said Christine. 

Over the next 30 days, Christine didn’t have a single seizure. Then it happened. She had a grand mall. This time, though, she chose to fight back. 

“I just basically fought off the lies that told me that told me, you know, here we go again. You’re not healed, you’re not free. And just chose to believe God and his truth that by his wounds and stripes I am healed.“ 

“From that day Christine Sheets never had another seizure! She continued taking her medicine until her doctor weaned her from it.

She’s now been seizure free for the past 7 years! 
The side effects from her stroke, including the constant pain, paralysis and visual impairment are gone too. 

And while she still lives with her mom, Christine now enjoys long walks with her dog, and driving—something she’s always dreamed of doing.

“I definitely smile while I am driving. Being able to drive is absolutely amazing. It’s just wonderful to know that I am able to go out and be by myself and just live a normal, happy, free life.”

Christine recently put the finishing touches on a new book called If Knocked Down Get Back Up Again, which is filled with encouragement for those walking through life’s trials. She has a part time job, is an ordained minister, and loves talking with people about what God can do for them.

“I believe in miracles because God has done many for me and I know that he can and will do them for others as well.”

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