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A Healing for the Holidays

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club

CBN.comLooking out the window at snowflakes lightly falling on Oregon evergreens, Esther Gore remembers, “I wanted to go so bad to Seattle. My daughter always puts on a big Christmas dinner and big Christmas celebrations with Christmas Eve.”

Then, she started having some trouble. “It was probably around Thanksgiving or so, I started having this pain,” Esther says.  “It was like a sharp spur, and it felt like something sticking me in my hip all the time if I tried to sit down.  It was like I had to lift and move to keep from just sitting on that one spot.  And even to walk it hurt.  I had even given thought that I can’t go to Seattle like this because I can’t sit this way for 10 hours.”

Esther knew God could help her.   “Well I was praying of course for a healing.  And I claimed Psalms 91, none of these plagues--and to me that was a plague-- will come nigh our dwelling,  so I just believed God.  So when I watched the 700 Club, I was waiting and listening.  And then that one day it happened!”

Esther and her husband were in their living room.  She recalls, “I had to get up and walk out of the room for a minute, and I came back in and my husband was standing there praying with them, and I looked and they were talking right to me.  Gordon just gave a word, ‘Someone with a right hip condition and you’re walking with a limp now. God’s able to take away all the spurs.’”

Esther claimed that word. “I cried, ‘That’s me! That’s me!’  I ran over and hugged my husband.  And from that moment on, I never had any more pain in that hip.”

Esther was able to go to her daughter’s for Christmas after-all.  She smiles, “When I got to Seattle, I was so happy that I made it without any pain and sitting that long, and I had to share with them- each one - that God had healed me.”

Now, Esther’s faith in God is stronger than ever.  “He knows what we want even before we ask, and so I just believe and know that God is there with His love and compassion and grace and mercy, and that He is going to fulfill his promises.   I stand on His promises, and healing is for us today the same as it was when Jesus walked this earth, and He touched people and healed them.”

For others in need of a miracle, Esther concludes, “There is nothing like the power of prayer, nothing anywhere.  Believe, trust, put your faith in God, and He’ll take care of you.  He’ll meet every need.”

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