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Surgery Cancelled After Miraculous Healing

By Michelle Wison
By Sharon Dhinakaran
The 700 Club  Ryan Ecke didn’t know it, but he was having classic symptoms of acid reflux. “When I would eat anything spicy, fun, or not spicy, just regular food, it would have effects,” says Ryan. “I couldn’t keep food down. It felt like just fire and plasma just burning straight all the way through my throat. It kept deteriorating with my situation to where I could only eat maybe three-fourths of a sandwich in one day.”

At times, he also had trouble breathing. “You just felt like you were gasping for air like when you’re drowning and you’re gasping for air. It’s like that,” Ryan recalls. “And that was just a walk from here to the other side of the room.”

By the time he saw a doctor, the damage had been done. “And then they said ‘the acid reflux has just deteriorated your esophagus almost completely off, around eighty-nine percent. And you are going to need the tracheotomy within fourteen months. That’s how you are going to be able to breathe.’”

Ryan called his mom and they prayed for God’s healing. “When you go through this you’re thinking, ‘God I need You. I need You to help me. Jesus I love and trust You. I need a miracle.’”  

A few days later, God answered their prayer. “I was watching The 700 Club and it came time for prayer,” Lisa Ecke added. “Pat Robertson had this Word of Knowledge.”

“You’ve burned the inside of your throat. It’s almost like some acid that burned it,” says 700 Club host Pat Robertson. “The skin is just so raw and hurtful. Right now, just put your hand on throat; in the name of Jesus, touch.”

“I popped my head up and I said, ‘that’s for Ryan’, says Lisa. “I put my hand on my throat and I said, ‘Lord, in Jesus’ name yes, we receive this.’”

“I’m on the phone with her, I’m at work and I just start crying,” Ryan recalls. “And I’m just like, ‘Jesus, please, let me be this person.’”

When Ryan woke up the next morning he could feel tingling in his throat.  “I knew that this was God,” says Ryan.

From that point on, he could eat anything he wanted, with no pain. “I could walk from my apartment to my car, down three flights of stairs and I wasn’t out of breath,” Ryan said.

Later Ryan’s doctor examined his throat. “He said ‘your esophagus has completely been healed. It’s a brand new esophagus. That does not happen.’”

Ryan sums it up this way. “Jesus can do anything. He created this world. He created you. He can heal you. And if you just ask and believe in Jesus Christ’s Name; if you do that you are gonna win.”

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