The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


A Double Word of Knowledge

By Dan Reany and Tim Branson
The 700 Club Cosimo Tanzarella and his wife, Pricilla of Standerton, South Africa, have been fans of The 700 Club for as far back as they can remember. One day they watched as Words of Knowledge were given for each of them. Take a look at how they received a double blessing.

From the day Cosimo Tanzarella was saved he felt God’s call on his life. When the door opened for he and his wife, Pricilla to lead a church in Standerton, South Africa, they took it immediately. But, a debilitating disease almost threatened to end their ministry.

"Four years ago, I started noticing that my right hand had a bit of a tremble, and I thought maybe it is the beginning of Parkinson's disease because my mother suffered severely with it," says Cosimo.

Pricilla had her own problems. She wasn’t recovering very well after hip replacement surgery. It was causing pain in her left knee. Then one day, they sat down to watch The 700 Club.  Cosimo noticed that Pricilla had a hard time getting comfortable.

Cosimo recalls, "She had a terrible pain in that knee and then Gordon said, 'There is a woman watching who is holding her knee with pain in her knee. There’s a catch, and a click, and a hitch to your knee. God is healing that right now.'"

"The moment she heard it, she just shot her leg out and said, 'That’s mine.' And she was healed. The pain was gone."

Pricilla adds, "My leg was perfectly healed. I jumped up and said to my husband, 'Do you know what? That was for me.' And the Lord healed me instantly of this sore knee.”

That wasn’t the only miracle that happened that day.

"I was sitting there watching and my right hand was trembling, and he [Gordon] said that was the sign of Parkinson’s disease," says Cosimo.

"He [Gordon] said, 'You’ve got Parkinson’s disease. God has just healed you. What you could not do before – you could not hold that hand without shaking. Right now, what you could not do before, do now and receive healing into your body in the name of Jesus.'"

Cosimo continues, "Well I received it because I said, 'The Lord is speaking to me.' I just received it as a word for me."

"God knows everything about me, and even the Scripture says before they call I will answer," believes Cosimo. "And before I even called unto God, or prayed about it, the Lord answered me."

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