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I don’t remember reading about exercising or people going on diets in the Bible. Are diet and exercise things God calls people to do or is this just something that man invented?

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. What did they do in the early days? They didn’t have McDonald’s and Wendy’s and fast food junk. They had whole grains. If you walk for 10 or 15 or 20 miles a day following a herd of sheep or goats, you’ve got all the exercise you need. They didn’t have to have gyms in Abraham’s day. He was out walking. Then they were drinking pure milk, and they had wholesome fruits and grains and not much meat. So their diet was such they were probably all lean and healthy.

We’re sedentary people. We’re not out as herdsman or farmers. When I was working on a farm, we were up at five in the morning. You got through about 9:00 at night, and you worked your head off. We stuffed ourselves with food, but nevertheless, we didn’t have a problem with getting fat.


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I’ll soon be turning 50 years old. I lost 50 pounds, and I need to lose 40 to 50 more. I’m just afraid of losing more weight and having excess skin. Can exercise help? And please advise if there is any way to lose weight without all the excess skin.

Pat Robertson

The only way to do it is slowly and with a lot of aerobics, a lot of aerobics, and a lot of walking and running. Your skin will gradually tighten up. But if you’re talking about knocking off 100 pounds and you’re doing it in a matter of a few months, that stuff is going to flab on you. Maybe the only thing available is to go to a plastic surgeon and get it cut off. But if you do it gradually, your skin will gradually tighten up -- unless you’ve been so obese that it’s just gone completely. At that time, there are plastic surgeons who can give you a little help.

Kristi Watts

Yes, but at the same time, weights really, really help tone. After I had my son, my stomach was just a mess. When I started to work out, that stuff started to tone up tight.

Pat Robertson

It will do it. It replaces with muscle. But it’s the exercise, the aerobics and also, of course, the weights. Weights are always good.

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Sometimes I think exercise actually hurts my weight loss. For example, after a good workout or exercise, I get so hungry that I grab whatever food is in sight, including a candy bar. I know it sounds crazy, but this happens a lot. How do I get over this, or should I just give up exercise?

Wrong solution. What you need to do is have the shake like I showed you here. Or you can get a high protein, low-carb type bar that you can eat. But absolutely, when you get through working out that’s when your muscles are open to protein, and that’s when you need to feed them protein -- when you need to feed them glutamine.

You can have that stuff all prepared if you want to right at the gym. But the last thing you want to do is to head for a candy bar.

Your muscles are looking for high glycemic calories right after you get through exercising. They’re depleted of these things, and they want some more. So it doesn’t hurt to, along with the protein shake or a protein bar, have something that’s got some sweet in it. That’s the one time that you can go high glycemic, because your muscles are saying, “Fill me up with glycogen and get me back in shape.”


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I had a stroke about five years ago, and I’ve since recovered, but it was a slow process. Is there something I can do to help prevent myself from having another stroke in the future? Some say a person’s chances for a second stroke increase after one has occurred. Is that true?

I think it is true. What you’ve got to do is cut back on animal fat. As a matter of fact, I would eliminate animal fat entirely from your diet. You could go with the healthy fats like olive oil and flax seed and fish oil, which would be very good. Again, back to my old standby, alpha lipoic, and vitamin E and vitamin C in rather large quantities.Then exercise. You can start by walking. You don’t want to go out and gut it through a four or five mile run. You’ll drop dead of an aneurysm. But what you need to do is to get those capillaries open. I think soy is extremely helpful. There are substances in soy protein that would help clear out your arteries. And your arteries, it’s all part of the same body, and you need to clear it out. That’s one of the reasons you’re having strokes, because you’ve got blockages. You’ve got plaques in your arteries.

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Is walking considered aerobic? And is there a specific minute per mile to be achieved? I walk approximately 12 minute miles.

Twelve minutes is very good for walking. I think that is excellent, and if you do a couple of miles of that, you will do aerobic. Aerobic has to do with getting oxygen into your system. That’s what aerobic is. Anaerobic has to do with weight training, so you need a balance. You need weight training.

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The occurrences of cancer seem to be increasing steadily, so I’m always thinking about this present danger. Are there things my wife and I can do or precautions we can take to reduce the chances of developing cancer?

No. 1, of course, don’t smoke.Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. No. 2 stay away from second-hand smoke if you can. You have got to be aware of all of the carcinogens that are in the air, whether it’s formaldehyde or chemicals. I was at the bedside of somebody dying from lung cancer who worked in a car place where they did interior work, the detailing, but they did it with some chemicals. So she breathed these things into her lungs, and it killed her. She also had a husband who smoked, and she was victim to second-hand smoke. I recommend strongly taking CoQ10. I recommend vitamin C and vitamin A very much. Take plenty of vitamins. Eat vegetables and fruits and lots of them, fresh vegetables and fruits. When you drink water, I have a distiller in my house for water. It’s ten gallons, and it takes out some of the impurities. There are a lot of bad things in municipal water supplies. If you get a distiller, it distills the water, so you’re drinking the pure, distilled water. You can connect that to your ice maker and also to your regular faucet. That’s a very helpful thing to -- either that or some of this bottled water. But some of the municipal water has some carcinogenic elements in it. Other than that, keep a healthy attitude and praise the Lord, because there is just a lot of cancer, and if you sit around worrying about cancer, I think stress, grief, that sort of thing, can lead to cancer. So a merry heart doeth good like medicine.

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Pat, I workout regularly and try hard to eat right, or else I pack on the pounds instantly. On the other hand, my co-worker is hit and miss at the gym, tends to eat whatever she wants and doesn’t gain an ounce. How can there be such a difference between two people, and is there anything that I can do to change this?

Pat Robertson

Well, of course, there is. First of all, there are some differences in metabolism. Some metabolisms are just a higher level than others. It’s like a furnace, and it just burns hotter. But how do you start your metabolism working? Well, to begin with, have a workout on an empty stomach when you get up. Have your devotions first, please, and then spend some time, 20 minutes or whatever, either lifting weights or walking on a treadmill or something. Get that motor running early. Next thing, eat a good breakfast. You can eat five or six different meals a day, smaller meals. Don’t try to just eat one or two. You get hungry, and your body says, “Okay, well, I’m in fasting mode, so I’d better hold the weight.” So you need to level out the furnace that you’re cooking on. The next thing, watch what you’re doing. I saw the other day a piece about two people. One was kind of chunky. The other was skinny. They put a pedometer on the skinny person. She was walking all the time. She was always on the go. The other one was sitting on the couch watching TV or else at a desk job working the computer, and there wasn’t much physical activity. You’ve got to keep going. You can burn the calories if you will move it. And so you can’t blame it all on your metabolism. Those things will work, and, of course, try a decent diet program. I’m a great fan of the one I designed, because I think it works. We’ve had a lot of success stories with it. You can get it from, Pat’s Diet Challenge.

Kristi Watts

Plus, it would encourage everybody, too. Because really, when it comes to women, when it comes to people, we all have different body shapes, because we have different genes in our body. So where one person might be 5'7 and 120 pounds and naturally skinny, another person might be like me, 5'7 and a little bit extra meat on you. But it’s all good. Genetics. Seriously, genetics.


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With summer in full swing, some friends of mine have invited me to a beach party in a few weeks. The problem is, I’m white as snow and have a hard time getting out in the sun where I could actually get tan. Would using a tanning bed be okay if it’s just for a couple of weeks? I hear that they are safe, not like the real sun.

Not true. They’re just as bad as the sun, sometimes worse, because they will lull you into a false sense of security. You don’t feel how hot it really is, and it will burn you. Especially if you have fair skin, you are at high risk of getting skin cancer, which can develop into deadly melanomas, which can kill you. So we’re talking about serious. If you have to go to a beach party, just leave your bikini at home and wear a top and take it easy.

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I’ve heard that eating red meat is not good for you. Our family eats a lot of beef and deer. Are these types of meat bad to eat regularly? And what is wrong with a lot of meat anyway?

The truth is that as far as colon cancer, colorectal cancer, the incidence of that jumps dramatically with a high beef diet. I would certainly recommend fish, recommend chicken and recommend plant proteins or whey protein, soy protein, etc. You can get all kinds of substitutes that will do you some good. So I just think ease off, three ounces or so, oh, maybe three times a week of red meat is not going to hurt. But be careful, because it is carcinogenic.

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Pat, it doesn’t matter how good of a mood I am when I wake up in the morning, once I’m in the midst of the day my good mood disappears, and I feel stressed out and exhausted. Are there certain foods or supplements that can help me feel good longer in the day? And are there foods that increase the chance of my feeling stressed and tired out?

Well, the answer is yes to the second one particularly. If you drink a lot of coffee, if you drink sodas -- especially if you drink diet sodas with NutraSweet or if you drink the sugared sodas -- if you eat crullers, donuts, sweet rolls, all that kind of stuff. When you feel stressed out, the answer is yes. You’re flagging your body. It’s like you’ve got a whip to your adrenal glands, and you’re just beating them to make them perform, and you’re dragging through the day. What you need is high protein. If you have protein snacks or if you’ve got some of these high protein bars, and about 11 o’clock you start feeling down a little bit, eat one of those things. In my diet program, we recommend some protein material that is very good for you. You can get it at Nutrition Express or some of these other stores that have this. But you could get whey protein or soy protein. But you need something that’s a protein snack. Level it out. So if you want to try eating little snacks, about five to six meals a day instead of one big one. But make sure you get a good breakfast. I don’t know. I wish I could tell you happy foods. Whatever you do, don’t try a chocolate bar. But there are bars that have a couple hundred calories. They have about 20 grams, 25 grams of protein. They will really level things off for you.

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I would like to get in shape. I've heard about a form of body conditioning called Pilates. It uses the center abdominal region as a source of gravity and strength. I have friends who are against it because they think it has roots in yoga. My research says that there are no spiritual aspects involved. Do you think it's OK for a Christian to practice Pilates techniques?

I see nothing wrong with doing Pilates. It has to do with stretching and very interesting exercises. Some of these yoga teachers come with their little chants and little bowls and towels and all of this stuff that goes along with yoga, including special spiritual breathing exercises. But as far as I can tell, Pilates is just good exercise -- if your body will take it. It is the hot thing in England and the hot thing in California, but it doesn't seem to have any spiritual connotations. The fact that you pick up something that is helpful from someone does not necessarily mean that the thing that you picked up is bad. For example, some of the shamans, the medicine men down in the jungles of the forest, came up with incredibly wonderful healing from plants. Well, from that if we get quinine or some drug that will help us get better, the fact that it came from somebody who supposedly is a medicine man to me doesn't diminish the effectiveness of what it is.

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What is a better, more "spiritual" diet that God prefers His people to maintain?

God's Provision for Adam and Eve was fruit and grain. Most dieticians today recommend a diet replete with fruits, vegetables, and natural grains.

To me, soybeans are almost the perfect food; they have twenty out of twenty-two essential amino acids, making them an almost complete protein. They have the right balance of fats and carbohydrates, and they contain the substance genistein that fights cancer. The soybean is a remarkable source of protein, and it doesn't cause the allergies that can be caused by certain milk products.

According to the Bible, the ancients ate meat. However, their livestock weren't fattened in pens and shot full of growth hormones. In Jesus' day, the people ate a great deal of fish, lentils, and olive oil. They also ate yogurt they called it curds which is also very healthy: Diets low in fat may reduce cholesterol, but they also sharply reduce testosterone. We need animal proteins and healthy fat from fish or vegetable sources such as flaxseed.
Scripture mentions certain foods that were considered ceremonially unclean and were avoided. Interestingly, many of these are not healthy foods.

God did not prescribe a specific diet that all people should follow, but in Ezekiel 4:9, God gave the prophet directions for a loaf of bread that consisted of a number of types of grain mixed together, including barley, beans, lentils, spelt, millet, and wheat. My 700 Club cohost and I tasted bread made from this mixture, known as Ezekiel's fasting bread. It tastes absolutely wonderful, is extremely healthy, and could be a fabulous replacement bread for people wanting to lose weight. Following our feature on "Ezekiel's Bread," Full Cup Coffee House, the Atlanta-based company that produces it, was inundated with calls from around the world.l in contrast, at the beginning of the twentieth century, many American milling companies began removing the wheat germ and other essential minerals from the flour used to make bread. The result was processed white flour, which had almost no nutritional value but looked "cleaner." They then artificially replaced some of the vitamins and labeled the resulting mess "enriched." Such flour and bread are not enriched at all! Quite the contrary! These breads are deprived of the basic nutritional value that God put into grain in the fIrst place.

Many people fail to realize that our bodies react to simple carbohydrates, such as white flour and sugar much as they do to alcohol. These foods evoke a craving for more because they do not satisfy the body's basic need for proteins and minerals.

Too often, many of our "Christian fellowship" opportunities are frequented by silent killers. At many church suppers or pot luck dinners, you can usually find a wonderful assortment ofbiscuits, rolls, fried foods, cakes, pies, ice cream and other delicacies loaded with sugar. Those foods are killers! They will poison your system and can lead to cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. How ironic that in the midst of plenty our bodies are being starved of vitamins and minerals! Sadly, such American starvation shows up most often in the form of fat rather than the malnutrition we've seen in places such as Ethiopia.

To live healthier, you must shift your diet to include more complex carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains such as oatmeal. Beware of anything that includes hydrogenated fats or oils found often in margarine and bread, crackers, and peanut butter. Changing to a more healthy diet will indeed be a more "spiritual" diet, since you will be taking better care of the temple of the Holy Spirit, your body!

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Last year I lost 50 pounds in six months. I gradually stopped losing weight and hit a plateau. I’m still 40 pounds overweight and have lost my momentum. Someone told me fasting helps get you motivated again. And is that true? And is okay to fast even though it’s not for religious reasons?

Definitely. You could fast on juice or water for a couple of days, and you’d find it would kick-start your weight loss. But the secret of going through that plateau is to step up your cardio. So if you can get on a treadmill, even if you’re just walking, if you can take it up to as much as an hour, you will be amazed. Your weight will start falling off again. So you do hit plateaus, and that’s typical. So don’t stop. But the way to do it is to push through with cardio. But a couple of days of fasting every two weeks or so would give you a further boost in your weight loss.

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I guess you could say I’m a yo-yo dieter. I lose about 30 pounds and then gain it all back in a matter of months. Will I run into health problems if this weight fluctuation continues? And is it making it easier or harder to lose weight?

All the above. It’s making it harder. It will lead to health problems. The yo-yo diets are killers. And I’ve explained on this program a long time ago, we have a set point. Your body has a set point, and it’s going to fight like crazy to get you to that set point. And if you fall below the set point, it’s going to do everything it can to slow your metabolism down until you get back up to the set point. But usually you’ll go past it, and so you’ll wind up with more. That’s why exercise is so terribly important. Dieting alone won’t do it. You have to have exercise along with it, and you’ll also have to have balance in what you’re doing. You need a lot of protein, heavy protein, but you’ll also need carbs. The carbs are the fire to burn. And you need a certain amount of good fat, the omega-three or omega-six oils. So it’s important to do that. But yo-yoing is very bad for your health.

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I’m an eighth-grade student from Texas. I saw the show a couple of weeks ago where Susan Combs was making kids in school be healthier. I guess it’s okay to get rid of snack machines, but she also outlawed candy during holidays. Do we have to get rid of sweets altogether, and would it be okay to celebrate the holidays once in a while?

It’s okay to celebrate once in a while. But the truth is, sugar’s poison, and it takes away your strength. If you’re working out, you don’t have as much strength, you don’t have as much endurance and so forth. It’s just something that you don’t want to do. It has no benefit at all, except it kicks your sweet tooth. It’s like drinking alcohol. You set up a craving. The more sweets you eat, the more you want to eat. On this one it’s better to go cold turkey. Fruits? No problem. Your taste will develop so you’ll really enjoy it.

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I’ve been on a diet since January, and I’m having trouble sticking to it. My husband thinks I need to join some sort of weight-loss help group, and I think it would just depress me. How effective are accountability groups when you’re trying to lose weight? And do you know any other strategies for sticking to a program?

My program is stuff-yourself-silly diet. You eat so much, you’re not hungry. And if you eat the right things, like protein—and we would be glad if you’d log onto our website and look for Pat’s Weight-Loss Challenge. The program’s all laid out. It’s a lot of salad. And the biggest thing about dieting is stay off of high-glycemic food. That means white bread, white potatoes, pasta, white rice, all kinds of sweets, carbonated sweet drinks and a few other things. And I think juice is, too, which are very high glycemic. And start snacking on something else. That’s all. And it’s easy to do. If you want a help group, be may guest, but I don’t think it’s necessary. If you are full from protein, and if you’re eating about six small meals a day, you will stay on your diet and you’ll lose weight. If you eat a huge meal at night and you go fasting all day long, you’re going to have problems. So eat a big. I have a big shake in the morning and one of these protein bars in the middle of the day and a light lunch and then something in the afternoon and a light dinner. And you’ll lose weight. And then something before you go to bed. You won’t have any problems. You don’t need to go to Weight Watchers or any of these groups. But if going to groups makes you happy, join Curves. They have a nice program for ladies to lose weight.

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My ten-year-old son weighs about 130 pounds. He has low self-esteem, because kids at school constantly make fun of him. The doctor says he’s fine and not to worry about the extra weight because he’ll grow into it. Should he go on a diet to lose the extra weight, and will being on a diet negatively affect him and diminish other types of physical development?

No way is he going to diminish anything. But the question is, what’s a diet? Are you feeding him sugared snacks in the morning? Does he eat sugared cereals? Is he eating cakes and pies and ice cream and cookies? Do you think you’re being a loving mother if you stuff him full of all those sweets? And does he load up with potatoes and gravy and a lot of fat? Well, all you have to do is start giving him vegetables and fruit and lean meat and things of that nature, and he’ll be fine. But he needs to do exercise. Kids ought to be out running and jumping and playing all day long instead sitting in front of the TV or in front of a computer. So get him out of the house. But it’s dangerous. Doctors say it will be fine. It won’t be fine unless he cuts it down.

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My husband seems to have a well-balanced diet. However, he loves eating a snack at night. Usually it’s just a bowl of cereal or some yogurt. He’s confident he won’t gain weight from this. If he stays under his allotted calories, does it matter if he snacks at night? And can our bodies tell a difference between eating at night and during the day?

They used to say that something at night was bad. But some of the exercise people, the ones, for example, who are into body building, say you need protein at night before you go to bed, because your body builds muscles while you sleep. So the fact that he’s eating a little bit of yogurt before he goes to sleep, it’ll make him sleep better. It’s a question of overall calories during a 24-hour period, not when you eat it. I think if you exercise on an empty stomach, you will start burning more calories than if you exercise on a full stomach.

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I’m 20 years old and 20 pounds overweight. I’ve heard different points of view on how long to exercise. Can I spread my exercise routine out over the whole day, doing three or four minutes at a time rather than 45 minutes at a time, or all at once? Will that still help me to lose weight?

Any exercise will help you lose weight. And the answer is, if you spread it out, that’s fine. As far as cardio, you need to get your heart rate up to a point, whatever that is. And then you have a maximum heart rate, and you want to get it up to something in the neighborhood of 80 percent of what your max is. So there’s scales that tell you for your age and so forth what the maximum heart rate should be, and you usually have to do sustained cardio to get that up there. And unless you do, the cardio benefits won’t be there. So if you just do a couple of minutes or three minutes of cardio—but you can sure do three or four minutes of weightlifting and then three or four minutes more of weightlifting; it won’t hurt you. But, really, all things being equal, given the routine we all have, it’s better to do about 30 minutes and get it over with.

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I’m very thin, but I don’t think I have anorexia. I eat three meals a day and don’t make myself throw up afterwards. Is my metabolism just really high? And how can someone like me lower their metabolism?

Rejoice that you’re like you are. People are fighting weight all the time. You’ll probably live to be 120, so don’t fight it. Just make sure you get nourishing food, that you nourish your body with the proper vitamins and minerals. And if you’re a little thin, say, “Praise the Lord,” because everybody else is fighting fat these days.

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Is it better to work out every day or only three or four times a week? Which one would give me maximum results?

It depends on what “maximum” means. If you want to build muscles, get that three or four times. You don’t want to use the same muscle group more than about once a week, because you’ll tear your muscles down as you build them up. So certainly you want rest in between. Most exercise people are saying three or four times a week is plenty. Now, if your goal is to strictly lose weight and you’re doing aerobics, you could do that every day of the week if you felt like it. I think you ought to take Sunday off, but you could certainly go six days a week if you wanted to do that. It’ll help you lose weight. But which is better? I mean, it depends on what you want to do.

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I’m 16 years old. My girlfriend is overweight. I can tell she’s frustrated about it. I want to help her. However, I’m afraid if I mention anything to her about it, I’ll make her feel horrible. Is there anything I could do that would help her be healthy without hurting her feelings?

Yes. Say, “I saw this on television. I was watching The 700 Club, and here’s this little packet. These people are doing exercise and diet that they say is just wonderful. I’ve read this. I like it, and maybe you’d like it.” End of story.


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My kids have some ice cream after dinner, and they were bouncing off the walls until 11 p.m. What is it about sugar that makes children so hyperactive, and why doesn’t it do the same thing to adults?

Ice cream has a relatively low glycemic index. If you’re giving them the low-fat type of ice cream, that’s mostly sugar. So one scoop of real, honest-to-goodness ice cream, the fat that’s in there will buffer the sugar, and it really won’t hurt them. So it may be they have a sensitivity to sugar. You might want to get sort of a glucose tolerance test. Get a doctor to check their blood and see what it is. It also may be they’re loaded up with sugar snacks, cereals, soft drinks and things like that all day long. So this just kicks it over the edge. But one scoop of normal ice cream has a low glycemic index, and it’s not going to hurt somebody.

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I’m 55 years old, and in 2003, I went on a diet and lost 50 pounds. I’ve kept it off for nearly a year. My question is about aging. Do people naturally gain weight as they get older, and does that mean I will have to change my health plan or do something different to keep the weight off?

Yes, they do gain more weight when they get older, because certain metabolic functions slow down. What also slows down is the DHEA and the testosterone in your system and other hormones that keep the motor running. That’s why you need to continue to exercise, and you need to moderate your diet as you get older. You need less calories as you get older than you did when you were a teenager -- especially the human growth hormone. That goes away very rapidly after you reach about 19 years old. It just goes downhill very rapidly. So the answer is, you step those things up by exercise, keep the fires going, and you won’t have to worry about it.

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I’ve been obese for most of my life, and now I think I’m ready to do something about it. What’s the best way to start losing weight? Do I start slow with moderate exercise and a little dieting, or jump right in with exercising four times a week and starving myself?

None of the above. I think you start out by going to a doctor and having him check your heart, your blood pressure, and all your vital signs to make sure that there’s not something ready to blow. You start violent exercise, and you might just wind up with a stroke. So go see your doctor and get checked out before you start exercise. Then, the diet I’ve got is not starving yourself. It’s eat yourself silly. It’s very high in protein; relatively high in carbohydrates; and very low in simple sugars and all the things that make you fat. So you have satisfied your appetite. If you do 30 minutes [of exercise] a day for three days a week, it’ll be the right way. If you want to do it five or six -- and most diet programs it’s five or six -- start off by walking. Just walk for 30 minutes. Don’t try to get out there and act like you’re 18. Then do a little bit of weights with light resistance. Use little five- or ten-pound weights, get used to it, and then build up. And you need the cardio and you need the weights. If you get on a Total Gym or a piece of equipment like that, the weight will start going off dramatically.

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I’ve heard that people can build more muscle mass and burn almost ten times more calories working out in the morning on an empty stomach than in the evening. Is that true? And how would someone keep from passing out without any food for energy?

Well, you’re not going to do that much, but the answer is yes, you’ll burn probably twice the calories working out on an empty stomach. If you don’t eat for, say, an hour after that, your body is consuming more calories. It isn’t a question of whether it’s in the morning or night. It’s a question of whether you’re doing it on an empty stomach. But, no, you will not pass out at all.

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I’m 15 years old, and I’ve been working out to get in shape. I rarely eat breakfast, because I don’t have enough time. I exercise and lift weights and don’t eat until one p.m. in the afternoon each day. Am I hurting myself by not eating anything until the afternoon?

That is absolutely the wrong thing to do. My program was set up for bodybuilders, and it just happens to work for losing weight, too. The big thing about any bodybuilder will tell you, you’ve got to have a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and a lot of salads. You must eat breakfast. You’ve had a fast all night long, and your muscles are depleted. There’s no way that your body’s going to burn the fat. The metabolism won’t be working properly. So by all means, take my shake and drink it for breakfast.

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I’ve heard that the best way to stay healthy is to eat five or six small meals a day. Others say that three hearty meals a day is the best way to stay healthy. Who’s right?

You need to keep your fire going all the time rather than up and down, up and down. And great big meals are not good for you, and all the nutrition experts say “frequent feedings,” as they call it, is better. So five or six smaller meals a day are much better, because you balance off the carbs you’ve got, which just kind of like keeps your fire going, keeps the metabolism up. So take smaller meals.

You don’t ever have a sense of deprivation. If you have that, then you’re going to go off your diet. Otherwise, you’re not dieting; you’re just enjoying yourself.

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I have considered using diet pills to lose weight. Are diet pills safe, and what precautions should I take if I start using them?

They were based ephedrine -- that ma huang, which was ephedrine, that turned out to be a killer. I don’t think diet pills are the answer. You’ve got to establish a healthy eating regimen with low-glycemic carbs, lots and lots of healthy protein, and the good fats. Then you’ve got to have healthy exercise. If you do that, you’ll lose weight. But diet pills don’t work. They may work to take off some of the weight, but they’ll come right back.

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