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Season One Overview

My heart for this series is to give people hope in a real and relevant way by highlighting scripture and making it practical to the everyday Christian. As believers in Christ it seems as though we are drowning in the same issues as the secular world in regard to family, relationships, self-esteem and our overall lives. The key is to not only know that God has died on the cross for us to overcome these problems BUT to know HOW to overcome our challenges by way of the Word of God and a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Episode One

Are You Dateable?

In this segment we encourage you to conduct some self-assessment and self-reflection. We want to encourage those who are wounded, hurt, angry, insecure and fearful into steps of healing, restoration and liberation so that they will be a "good gift" for that person God has for them.

What the Bible Says

Matthew 22:36-29, ESV

Episode Two

Are You a Leader?

How does God see the roles in marriage? What does the spiritual leader of the household look like? What does submission mean in a marriage or relationship? How does a man lead the family and how does the woman follow? Are the men in our lives worth submitting to? Are the women in our lives willing to be led? We will discuss practical steps and biblical steps to walking in the role God calls for singles.

What the Bible Says

Ephesians 5:22-27, NIV

Episode Three

Satisfied in Singleness

We will discuss the importance of being content in the place of your singleness while still having hope in God's promises for your life. What a single can do to prepare for marriage. How a single person can learn to live an abundant life right where they are yet still walk in hope and contentment. Also, during the waiting process, we will share how to allow the Lord to heal those places that need mending.

What the Bible Says

Matthew 6:33, NIV

Bring It ON: Singles and Relationships

Kristi answers your questions! Watch Now!

Episode Four

Love, Respect, and Sex

In this segment we will define the purpose of sex and intimacy in relationships. We will talk about how to manage sexuality and WHY God requires us to stay pure before marriage. We will explore HOW to go about staying pure before marriage and HOW to go back to purity if someone has fallen off the wagon.

What the Bible Says

Romans 12:1-2, NKJV

Episode Five

Dating 101

In this segment we will discuss Christian dating basics: fears, Internet Dating, the relevancy of it, and the precautions that need to take place. We will take a look at good old-fashioned pointers on how to navigate the dating process. Courting vs. dating. Also, we will discuss topics such as ways individuals may become 'blinded-sided' in relationships - love vs. infatuation, accountability, God’s heart in the process, and motives of the dater.

What the Bible Says

2 Corinthians 6:14-15, KJV

Episode Six

Dating 101 for Single Parents

We will discuss the issues, precautions and steps to safely date when children are concerned. Issues include: When does your partner meet the children? What if the kids hate him/her? What is the role of the new partner when the other parent is still involved? How do you navigate 'his, hers and ours?'

What the Bible Says

Galatians 5:22-24, ESV

Episode Seven

Q&A with Relationship Experts

We had an open forum with author Michelle McKinney Hammond and therapist Ron Deal of Smart Stepfamilies answer tough questions on relationships from Christian singles. We will also discuss the common concerns of the Christian single such as: Should a person have 'a list' of what they want? Is there such thing as a 'soul mate?' Is it wrong for a woman to pursue a man? Is it ok for a Christian to date a non-Christian? How do I know that the next step is marriage?

What the Bible Says

James 1:5, NASB

Episode Eight

Hope in Finding Love

We want to encourage those who have given up hope in finding love. But the key is that in order to give love or to receive love, one must discover the essence and origin of love ... that is God. Because God is LOVE!

Red Flags, Green Lights, and Yield Signs (Watch Now)

In our open forum, Michelle and Ron identify the ‘red flags’ in relationships; ‘green lights (signs that it’s good and safe to move forward) and ‘yield signs’ or issues that one may want to evaluate at a greater depth before proceeding forward within the relationship.

What the Bible Says

1 John 4:8, NLT 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, NASB

Season Two Overview

We will take 'Relational Issues' to a deeper level discussing the challenges that hinder us from moving forward in life as well as in our walk and relationship with the Lord.

This time the camera turns on the "Experts" from Series 1 and they will share their personal testimonies as well as sound advice on "How to overcome!"

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Episode One


Christian Family Counselor, Ron Deal and his wife will discuss the sudden death of their 12 year old son (3 years ago). The tragedy challenged their relationship with the Lord... specifically in the area of trusting in God. Together they will share their story and teach on "How to Trust God through loss and tragedy."

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Episode Two


Relationship Expert/Best-selling Author, Michelle McKinney Hammond has written over 40 books on Relationships and ‘How to Find Your Mate’ but is still unmarried at the age of 55. She will discuss her own life experiences and teach on “How to overcome Disappointment.”

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Episode Three


Bishop Neville Smith is an international pastor who heads several churches around the country. His wife of almost 40 years died of stomach cancer 3 years ago. As a widow he will share how God has helped him deal with the loss of the love of his life. He will discuss "How to overcome Heartbreak."

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Episode Four


Pastor Riva Tims whose husband Mega Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead in a NYC hotel room last year of an alleged drug overdose. He had several affairs that destroyed their marriage... she was ousted from the church and left to raise their four children on their own (one son is physically disabled) with no financial assistance. She will discuss her life and "How to Forgive."

Print out your copy of Inspiration: God's Word on Forgiveness.

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Episode Five


NY Times Bestselling Arthur, Leslie Haskins who is a survivor of 911 will discuss how in one day she lost everything including her fiancé in the World Trade Center. The next relationship took her for all of her money. She was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). She felt distant from her friends, her family and God. She will discuss "How God helps overcome loneliness." She's recently written a book called, "When Life Doesn’t Make Sense."

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Episode Six


Relationship Expert/Best-selling Author, Michelle McKinney Hammond has written over 40 books on Relationships and ‘How to Find Your Mate’ but is still unmarried at the age of 55. She will discuss finding fulfillment as a single at any age.

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Guest/Expert Information

Ron Deal

Author, Therapist, and Blended Family Expert

Bishop Neville Smith

Founder Radnor Road Christian Fellowship - Bermuda

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Bestselling Author and Speaker

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