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Jimmy Wayne


Author, The Duck Commander Devotional (2013)

Stars, A&E’s reality show, Duck Dynasty, airs on Wednesdays at 10/9pm CT

Served at White’s Ferry Road Church for over 22 years, the last 10 years as lead pastor

Married to Lisa, 2 adult daughters (Anna and Alex), 2 granddaughters (and another grandchild on the way)


Duck Dynasty's Alan & Lisa Robertson

The A & E Network hit TV show Duck Dynasty had a record-breaking audience of 12 million viewers for its Season 4 premiere.  The show introduced another significant member of the family, oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Alan.  Since his debut on the show as the “Beardless Brother,” (big brother to Jase, Willie, and Jep) Alan says that he has become more recognized in public but not to the extent of the rest of his family.  Many fans of the show have wondered when Alan will make his next appearance since that landmark episode.  To this he says he will definitely be in the Christmas episode but other than that he doesn't know.  He feels they are still trying to figure out how to best utilize him on the show.  Alan says he doesn’t know if his branch of the family will be highlighted on Duck Dynasty, but they are slowly bringing them in.  Alan maintains that the family is shown as they are and overall doing the show has been a positive experience.

Alan's family is all there in West Monroe, Louisiana. Alan’s sons-in-law work at Duck Commander and enjoy hunting.   His eldest daughter Anna’s husband is in charge of duck call production.  Alex is now working with the church the family has been a part of for years, White's Ferry Road Church.  Alan's granddaughters don't hunt yet, but they do go fishing.

Alan grew up hunting and fishing and was key in helping build the foundation of the family business, Duck Commander in the 1970’s and 1980S.  In the early days, Alan and his father would travel around Louisiana and Arkansas selling duck calls to stores right out of a truck.  The sales pitch then is the same one they use today:  “These calls are the best ‘cause they sound just like a duck!’”   He also used a band saw to cut calls in the early days of Duck Commander.  He and his younger brothers Jase and Willie also cut boxes and folded them to package the duck calls.  There was a lot of work to do.  Everyone played an important role in the evolution of Duck Commander and still do. 

Before that time, there were problems in the Robertson household.  His father Phil was always out partying with his buddies, leaving mother Kay alone at home with Alan, Jase, and Willie (Jep was not born yet).  The brothers were very close.   Being the oldest boy, many of the responsibilities fell on him during this hardship.  When Alan was about seven-years-old, he was left to care for Jase and Willie while his mother worked at a discount store.  He wasn’t able to enjoy his childhood and had to grow up fast.  He attended four to five different schools because the family moved around so much. 

When his father did become a Christian and came back to the family, Phil raised his family with the principles of God.  In high school, Alan was very popular, but a few years later, Alan fell with the wrong crowd.  One time, Alan and his friends were drunk and vandalized mailboxes in the neighborhood.  As a result, his father disciplined Alan and three of his friends.  After Alan graduated from high school, his behavior was so bad that his parents did not want him around his younger brothers anymore because they thought he would be a bad influence on them.  Alan’s parents threw him out of the house.   Alan ended up moving in with his father’s sister in New Orleans.  While he was there, Alan started dating a woman who was estranged from her husband.  One day, the husband followed Alan home from work and beat him with an iron tool.  When a policeman came to the scene and talked to Alan, the officer could see that Alan was a good boy that just got off track.  Alan took this as a sign from God and went home.  Back home in Louisiana, his family welcomed him with opened arms, like the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.  Alan says that two-year incident helped him turn his life around.  He worked for Duck Commander for a few years before attending seminary and becoming a pastor at White’s Ferry Road Church (where they have been attending since Phil became a Christian), where he has served for 22 years.  From his story, Alan wants to tell parents not to give up – don’t stop praying for your children.  He believes his mother’s prayers are what kept him safe.  His incident in New Orleans helped shaped him as a pastor and gives him compassion and understanding for others.

The family's publisher approached Alan with an idea to do a devotional.  He told the family and asked them to contribute so America will know The Robertson family through their faith.  Alan laid out the format and helped edit the entries.  The family member would share a Bible passage, their thoughts, and a concluding prayer.   As a result, three generations of Robertsons share spiritual insights from the patriarch and matriarch, Phil and Miss Kay, to the grandchildren, like Sadie (Willie's daughter) and Cole (Jase's son). Alan says the scripture passages that begin and end the devotional encapsulate the Robertson family from start to finish: Ps. 128: 1-4 “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him.  You will eat of the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.  Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.  Yes, this will be the blessing for the man who fears the Lord.” (the biblical passage Alan shares at the beginning of the devotional) and Acts 10: 9-13 when Peter was hungry and the Lord told him to Rise, kill and eat (Phil’s Bible passage that he shares at the end of the devotional).

The Robertson family is an example of how the decisions of one person can affect the next generations.  His father’s decision to become a Christian built a foundation for the next generations.  The family is excited to get the message out to America that one decision for Christ can impact the person’s life as well as that of their family.

Another thought that Alan would like share with people is that you don’t really know what God has planned for your life.  You think everything has to lay out a certain way, but you don’t really know.  Alan says just when he thinks he knows what He’s doing, God throws him a curve.  When you don’t know what is going on, just grow where you’re planted and trust God.  There will be different times and different seasons.  No matter what, just serve God in those times.  For example, Si never knew what his gifts and talents were and now at 65-years-old he’s just discovered his gifts.  He’s discovered he has the gift to make people laugh. 

The Robertson family has been through a lot and is now in bountiful times.  Alan says all praise goes to God.  Even though the show “Duck Dynasty” may have its run but the Robertson family is preparing for something greater.

Alan has been married to his wife Lisa for 29 years.  Lisa has worked with Alan at White’s Ferry Road Church for several ministries before joining him back at Duck Commander.   Being the wife of “The Beardless Brother” has been an adventure.  Even though Alan is considered “the odd duck” in the family, Lisa prefers his clean-shaven look.  It was a leap of faith leaving their leadership roles at their church.  However, they are excited for the new ministry opportunities in rejoining the family business and popular TV show.  Lisa says it is wonderful to have the chance to show people who may never set foot in a church the joy of knowing God and being a Christian.

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