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Author, Born to Preach (2011)

Bishop of Rock Chuch International Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA

Chairman of America for Jesus 2012

Co-Founder of Rock Church in 1968

Co Founder of Washington for Jesus Rallies

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, Oral Roberts University

Married to the late John Gimenez

Child, Robin; Grandchild, Amelia


America For Jesus 2012

By The 700 Club

Bishop Anne Gimenez, pastor of Rock Church International and chairman of America for Jesus 2012, believes America is in trouble with God.   She points to recent weather phenomena as signs that, as a nation, we’ve lost the hedge of protection from the Lord.  While America was founded as “one nation under God,” we’ve now allowed other gods to take up residence here.  The solution is to take back America, and a good place to start is in prayer.  America for Jesus 2012, a gathering of Christians representing all races, parties and denominations, will gather in a solemn assembly on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Friday and Saturday, September 28-29, to pray for the healing of our nation and its people 40 days before America casts its vote for President.  "America's soul is sick, but I believe America still has a chance; I believe in resurrection, and I believe prayer changes things--and that is what we intend to do," Anne says. "It's not about who will be in the White House nor our current financial crisis, it's about America needing the presence of God."   The basis of the event comes from the text in 2 Kings 2:19-22.   Anne believes God is calling His people to bring “the salt” which is the church to the head of the waters where the foundation of our American liberty was birthed in Philadelphia and to intercede for God to heal the land.

America for Jesus 2012 is organized by One Nation Under God, a coalition of ministries that sponsored the watershed Washington for Jesus events in the 80s and 90s, which focused on prayer, repentance and revival, based on God's promises found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Anne and her late-husband, John, founded the Washington for Jesus rallies in 1980. The national movement continues to call for a return to biblical values rather than endorsing any particular party or candidate.  "Much like the movement for independence in the 18th century, America for Jesus 2012 is a patriotic movement, not a political one," said John Blanchard, national coordinator for America for Jesus 2012. "Although the presidential election will be less than six weeks away, there will be no partisan divisions when we convene in Philadelphia. We don't need to follow the elephant or the donkey, but rather the Lamb of God."

Anne says the location for America Jesus 2012 is full of symbolism for freedom and religious liberty. Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States, was the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the ratifying of the Constitution and the drafting of the Bill of Rights. It was also one of the centers of the Great Awakening of the 1730s, a period of spiritual revival in our country.  Anne also addresses the significance of  William Penn, one of America’s founding fathers, whom she describes as one of the greatest lawmakers of all times.  Many of his laws were incorporated to the founding documents of the United States, and they were based on biblical principles and following the one true God.  As part of the event, America for Jesus will be organizing Love Philadelphia, modeled after a quote from one of Penn: "Let us try, what love will do." This humanitarian outreach will leave a legacy by providing physical assistance to meet critical needs among the poor and needy throughout the city.

In conjunction with the America for Jesus 2012 national call to prayer, an Awakening conference will be held in Philadelphia on Sept. 26-28. Speakers will discuss current events and issues pertaining to the Church.

One Nation Under God was birthed by a vision the late John Gimenez had in October of 1978 when he was preaching at a conference in Oakland, CA. During his message he referenced I Samuel 17:29 where David asked the question, “Is there not a cause?” That day God spoke to John that indeed there was a cause and a present day Goliath seeking to destroy the very foundation of our country, a foundation that has always been based on the Word of God. From that point on, John believed he had a mandate from God to gather a solemn assembly focused on turning America back to God in prayer. On April 29, 1980 more than 700,000 people gathered from across the nation to pray for God to move in America. This historic march in our nation’s capital ultimately affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of believers and launched a vision for a new America built on Godly values and the word of God.  The organization is a coalition of ministries who unite to organize national calls to prayer for the sake of the church and the nation. Since its inception, One Nation Under God has sponsored several solemn assemblies focused on prayer, repentance, and change.  Here is a brief chronology:

  • 1980 - Washington for Jesus 80 on the National Mall in DC : This solemn assembly was focused on God healing the land
  • 1981 -1982 - America For Jesus: These were citywide rallies held from California to the Florida that were solemn assemblies for regions to pray for the nation
  • 1988 - Washington for Jesus 88 on the National Mall in D.C.: This prayer gathering was a time of repentance for a failing church
  • 1996 - Washington For Jesus 96 on the Capitol Steps of the Mall in D.C.: This assembly focused on bringing down strongholds& activating a new generation.
  • 2004 - America For Jesus 2004 on the National Mall in Washington D.C. : This rally was originally a prayer event for Latinos in the church of America but eventually was opened up for everyone to attend to pray for the nation.
  • 2007 - The Assembly 2007 in Virginia Beach Virginia on the Oceanfront : This rally was organized to rededicate America back to God through the planting of the cross to renew the 400 year old covenant of Chaplain Robert Hunt and the Jamestown colonists.

Anne was born and raised in South Texas and ordained at the age of 19. She traveled extensively in evangelistic work before marrying John Gimenez in 1967. They have one daughter and one granddaughter.  In 1968, John and Anne founded the Rock Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia as well as a ministry for drug addicts, unwed mothers and the homeless.  In1999, Anne was named Senior Pastor of the Rock Church International in Virginia Beach with a congregation of over 4,000, and  has been the acting Bishop of RMF since the death of her husband in 2008.

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