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Hosts daily TV show This is Your Day seen in 192 countries and 90 stations and outlets

Many awards: Honorary doctorate - ORU


Benny Hinn: India Healing Crusade

By The 700 Club Healing Crusade Brings 4.8 Million Attendees

Benny Hinn recently conducted a healing crusade in India that drew one of the largest crowds ever. People came from all areas of the country February 13-15 in Bandra Kurla Complex in northwest Mumbai for an event called “Festival of Blessings.” They came from other countries. They came for many reasons – some to witness this historic gathering, some for healing, some out of curiosity, and some to get answers to prayer and miracles. More than 1.3 million attended the first night services; 1. 5 million came by the second night. The crowd swelled to 2 million by the third and final service, making the final night’s services the largest recorded in history for a healing service. Many notable officials attended.

This endeavor was massive on every scale. The complex covers 13 million square feet. Almost 200,000 chairs were brought in, exhausting the area rental suppliers. Technicians erected 32 giant video screens around the grounds. Parking for 100,000 cars was provided. Bus services came from Bandra, Sion, Kurla, and Santacruz railway stations. Police and three security agencies, along with 20,000 volunteers, kept everything running smoothly. According to ministry officials, government authorities were delighted that no police reports were filed during any of the services and that there were no reports of injuries associated with the event. Most importantly, hundreds of thousands left with newfound faith in Christ.

After the final service ended on Sunday, Benny asked, “Who can adequately describe what God has done here in India?” Benny has been in many large gatherings the past three decades, and he says, “There is nothing that could have prepared me for those moments when two million people raised their hands to the skies and began lifting their praise to the Lord.” The crowd roared when Benny promised to return to India next year. His ministry is now planning for a 2005 crusade.

Reaching the World

Since 1990, Benny Hinn Ministries has held hundreds of Miracle Crusades in every major city in the United States, as well as Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Born in Israel of Greek Armenian ancestry, Benny’s family relocated to Canada in 1967. He received a Catholic parochial school education in Israel. Through the ministry of Merv and Merla Watson, Benny was born again in Toronto. During a Kathryn Kuhlman evangelistic outreach in 1973, Benny experienced a visitation of the Holy Spirit that led to his call to preach. His ministry today reaches millions of U.S. homes via his half-hour TV program, This is Your Day!

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