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Chris Freytag: The Two-Week Turnaround

By The 700 Club

Appearance Date: October 27, 2010 Chris Freytag has been a personal trainer and coach for 23 years. Over the years, she realized that women need a program that is realistic to do with a busy schedule, will yield results quickly and will motivate them to stay with it for the long haul.  “The Two-week Total Body Turnaround is geared toward that mom who works, has a husband and family and has a hard time taking care of herself,” says Freytag.  “Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction.” 

She believes her program works well for people who are injured or sick and took a break from physical activity, or took a vacation and never got motivated to start working out again, or are so swamped at work and home that squeezing in a workout is virtually impossible.

Two weeks doesn’t sound like a lot of time.  “People can’t give you a month, but they’ll give you two weeks,” says Freytag.  She finds that an hour a day for two weeks is long enough to get clients to see immediate results to keep them motivated long enough to make working out a habit.  “Those first two weeks turn into the next two weeks.”

Freytag was eager to see her plan at work.  She asked a panel of 30 women who, for various reasons, felt like they needed change.  A few women never lost baby weight; others started new, stressful jobs and couldn’t fit in exercise; some were widows who gained weight after losing their spouses.  The results were awe-inspiring.  In two weeks, they lost an average of nearly 6 pounds and 10 ½ inches.  Some lost 12 pounds and more than 22 inches!  All of them reported that their energy levels increased, they slept better, they felt stronger and healthier, and discovered a newfound confidence in themselves.

Freytag says over the years she has experienced her own roadblocks and detours.  “I’ve had some injuries.  I’ve had some family events and work-related things that have interfered with my ‘perfect’ workout plan,” she says.  It is important to take care of herself before she can adequately take care of her family. 

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