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Authors: Slow Cookin’ Companion, 2012


Owner, Dance studio

Married, Kristopher; Children: Gage (6), Grace (3)


Stay at home mom

Married, Stanton; Children: Spencer (3), Stella, (1)


New Ideas For Cooking in Your Slow Cooker

By The 700 Club

Nicole grew up in a small town in Texas with Stanton.  They went to church together and later Stanton met then married Jenna in 2006.  The two girls became fast friends.  They got pregnant together and their 3 year olds were even born on the same day!  Jenna had always used a slow cooker.  Nicole owned a dance studio and Jenna watched her son, Gage.  When Jenna got pregnant the second time, she found that she was tired and would barely feel like getting dinner on the table.  “Then I started using a crock pot on a weekly basis,” says Jenna.  She posted her recipes on Facebook every Monday.  Last August, Nicole suggested that they start a Crockin’ Girls Facebook page and post the recipes to help thirty of their stay at home friends.  “We thought our friends would cook the same recipes; we wanted to help get dinner on the table so everyone could spend quality time with their families,” says Nicole.  Within 2 weeks, the girls had over 500,000 “likes.” 

The Crockin’ Girls believe their success is based on one thing.  “It’s the simplicity of it all,” says Jenna.  “Everybody’s lives are busy.”  The girls say that when you are able to put something good on the table for your family, it’s like an extra pat on the back.  “So many moms have a sense of guilt,” says Jenna.  “Due to their not being able to do the laundry or make a bagged lunch for their kids .”  By using a crock pot, you can throw in the ingredients before heading out the door.  “Every recipe in our book is healthier than a fast food meal,” says Nicole.

Slow cooking is a great way to eat on a budget and have a nutritious meal, rather than a sub sandwich or pizza.  Also slow cooking requires minimal prep and clean-up and is ideal for college students.  Depending on dorm room regulations, it’s certainly an option of cooking without a kitchen.  All of the recipes can be used in an apartment setting with roommates as well.  All 165 recipes are family-friendly, were individually tested and come from their kitchens.  Some were contributed by family members as well as members from the Facebook Crockin’ Community.  Nicole and Jenna will show us how to make the following:

  1. Morning Casserole:  page 32, make as a casserole the first day.  Wrap leftovers in baggies and freeze.  Use for breakfast burritos on the go.
  2. Loaded Baked Potato Soup: page 88, a hearty meal with no meat.  A budget-conscious recipe.
  3. Chicken in a Hurry: page 248, lives up to its name.  Dump it in and go.
  4. Fudge Brownie: page 344, so moist you’ll never bake brownies again.

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