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Dani Johnson

Founder of Call to Freedom, LLC.

Dani has been featured on numerous radio, TV, and media outlets, as well as in several books and publications such as CNBC's The Big Idea by Donny Deustch, This is Your Day with Benny Hinn

Author of Spirit Driven Success (self-published)


Dani Johnson: Her Spirit Driven Success FROM WELFARE TO WEALTH

Dani Johnson gained and lost significant sums before she learned about true success.

As part of their lifestyle, she and husband Hans have chosen to give away 90 percent of their income and live on the remaining 10 percent. This wasn't always the case.

Today, Dani is a powerful speaker and motivator who lead others to life-changing success, but her early life in no way predicted this. Dani's parents were drug addicts, and her step-dad violently abused and molested her. At about 13, Dani was invited to a church service and accepted Christ, but didn't feel a lot of His love through His people.

She got pregnant at seventeen, refused to have an abortion, and gave the baby up for adoption. This was a very emotional time in her life when she was looking for forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing. Instead, she felt judged and condemned by people at her church. That's when she decided she wanted nothing to do with God if this is what it meant to be a Christian.

As a teen, Dani began to find success as an entrepreneur and vigorously sought to gain fulfillment through material possessions. At 21, she became one of the top sales people in her company. Around this time she met a man and quickly married him. They moved to Hawaii.

Her new husband turned out to be a con man, who left her broke and with a huge credit card debt. She then lost her job and was soon evicted from her apartment. Dani was homeless and living out of her car with only $2.03 to her name.

This was the lowest point of her life. She was depressed and suicidal. Dani fell into drugs and went to a beach party. She snorted cocaine, and was jumping in the ocean when she heard a voice say, Pick up your mat and walk. This word of God changed her life and direction; she knew it was time to rise up and do something.

Using limited resources and the burning desire to succeed, Dani started a business out of the trunk of her car and a phone booth, and made $250, 000 in 12 months. She rededicated her life to Christ and became a millionaire at 23.


The Johnsons went through several ups and downs but learned many valuable lessons.Earlier as a business trainer, Dani taught people how to become wealthy in a worldly way. However, as she drew closer to the Lord, she thought what she was teaching people was not useful for God's Kingdom. Eight years ago, she retired from her consulting business. She was doing training seminars for companies. She got sick and tired of selling the world in a pretty package, and didn't feel like she was able to speak freely for God.

She became a full-time mother after she quit and found that she was miserable because there was a void from not being able to do what she loved to do. However, four years ago she received a mandate from God and her life has never been the same. Dani thought she would never speak or teach again, but she says, God gave it back...this time it was renewed, refreshed, and refined. Today she has over 100,000 clients and she's working part-time.

One of the first big changes in Dani's life was how she saw God and her business no longer would be separated. She realized that God is looking for people to rise up out of the bounds of religion and straight into a walk with Him and Him alone, to do the mandate that He has given. God has called many people to succeed in the marketplace.

She also learned that Christians falsely see God as a poverty lottery God.Poverty and lottery both nullify the laws of success that are written in the Bible. Dani says one cannot sow a seed and sit, then expect something to happen -- it's against the laws of success in the Bible. The Bible says ask, seek, and knock. These are action words. So people give to God and wait for their blessings, which can sometimes be like playing the lottery.

Dani uses the example of some teachings that say, God's going to cancel your debt this year. God is not going to cancel somebody's debt that is irresponsible and continues to be, she says. God gives a person whatever he/she can be trusted with, like the parable of the talents in the book of Matthew. The person with five talents turned their talents into ten.


Dani says we fight a two-front battle with money, and we need to understand its spiritual significnce.

Making money is spiritual warfare. Your ungodly competitor will take profits and use them for his own glory, greed, and gluttony. But God desires to give the profits to someone He can, the Christian, to use for His purposes.

Your influence. Financial wealth gives you influence, which can in turn generate a message that people are hearing.

Profits When you give your first 10 percent to God, as He requires, your profits are going into God’s Kingdom.


Based on certain scripture passages, Dani says there are essentially ten steps associated with God's formula for wealth:

1. Don't love money more than you love Your God.

2. Work with a spirit of excellence as unto Him.

3. Know that the money that He is blessing you with is for a much bigger purpose than just your stuff. God wants to bless you with stuff, but He doesn't want the 'stuff' to own your life.

The Lord taught Dani this lesson the hard way. When her family prospered early on, they were living in a 6,000 square foot house and made a fortune. God told Dani to sell everything they had and move into a smaller house.God provided a house for them to live in down the street that wasn't as extravagant.It was in this house that God set Dani free from thebondage of stuff. He showed her everything that was in her that wasn't of God, a very humbling experience.

4. You have to know that it's God's money (It's not yours).

5. Be generous. Don't hoard. Don't be stingy. God wants to bless you with more, but He won't unless you're a giver. He loves a cheerful giver.

6. Give into the right soil. You have to think about where you are sowing your seed. If you want your money to return back to you a hundred fold, you have to sow it into fertile ground.

7. You need to realize that there is a time of plenty and a preparation for a time of famine. If you're in a season of famine and you are prospering where you're planted and you can be trusted with what you have, you will gain more. If you're in a season of famine, you'd better take care of everything you have. Have a spirit of excellence during this time and God will cause you to prosper when other people are failingf inancially.

8. You have to prosper where you're planted.

9.You need to ask and ask big. Ask God for His provision and ask for help. Ask and God will give it to you.

10. You need to understand that it is okay to fail.


Dani's reputation as a marketing professional grew as her business grew. People soon offered to pay her for her knowledge. She started a training company spending one weekend a month to teach others her business skills. Attendance at her training seminars grew as people got good results by applying what they learned.

Through her coaching and training seminars, Dani has developed several top producing sales forces. The foundation of her teachings and principles are biblically based, and you won't hear anything from Dani that she hasn't personally used or done herself. Dani regularly coaches business people on leadership from successful executives, 6, 7 figure earners as well as newbie entrepreneurs. She teaches principles focused on the issues of overcoming fear, business growth, time management, relationship marketing, prospecting, closing, teamwork, motivating others, wealth development, spiritual issues, and more.

Dani is now married with four children by her husband, Hans. She was reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption, who is married with two children (Dani's granddaughters).

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