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Design Star's Jeribai Tascoe's Greatest Plan

By The 700 Club - HGTV STAR
Jeribai was chosen to be one of the contestants on the eighth season of HGTV Star, formerly known as HGTV Design Star. The show is a reality competition hosted by season one winner of HGTV Design Star, David Bromstad. On the show, contestants battle to impress the panel of experts: Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and Sabrina Soto with various design projects. Jeribai was a fan of the show. Michelle suggested he apply to be a contestant. Jeribai failed to make the cut on season seven of the show, but he did not give up. Instead, he took the time to work on his design skills. Jeribai and his wife, Michelle, completely remodeled their whole house. “I did a master bedroom suite from the ground up. We totally styled that, and that’s the reason I made it on the show,” admits Jeribai.

Throughout the season he received some amazing comments from the judges. Genevieve  referred to his ability to paint stripes as “the best stripe she’s ever seen.” (He may have also been called a Striping Magician.) He also installed a kitchen backsplash on his own. “It was the best kitchen backsplash I have ever seen done on the show,” Vern said. For the final challenge, Jeribai had to makeover a hotel suite. It was the largest room he had ever designed. He wanted to show the judges he had a sophisticated and luxurious design side to him. “I knew the concept I wanted. I found the energy to give it my all. I am glad I finished. It ended up being really good – but that was a pressure cooker,” shares Jeribai. “This space has so many really good, sophisticated moments that show luxury and a sense of escape,” Genevieve said about his hotel suite makeover. On the show he had to practice self-control when doing individual and team designs. He asked the Lord for peace and always treated his teammates with respect. Jeribai’s number one goal was to represent Christ accurately.

He says, making it to the finals on the show was a phenomenal win for him. “It is amazing to just be here,” shares Jeribai. He credits the Lord for his success on the show and for teaching him design. “The Lord has amazing places for us to go. He will open doors and make it all happen when we keep Him at the center of our lives,” reveals Jeribai. Tiffany Brooks won the HGTV Star title and a contract for her own show on HGTV. Jeribai was a runner-up.

Fans loved Jeribai’s practical DIY skills and his polished design skills. He received a lot of support in the online Fan Favorite Vote, but ultimately Anne Rue, another contestant, won the fan vote by a thousand votes. She won her own online show on Due to Jeribai’s popularity HGTV awarded him with upcoming online episodes on,” reveals Jeribai.

 While Jeribai does not have formal design training he has worked in many areas of design including interior design, product design and graphic design. He considers his style a “fresh remix” in which he adds new spins to classic styles.   Jeribai says, “I am a self-taught artist who has relied on God to get me through times of devastation and debt.”  He started a business when he was in his teens, but his business soon began to flounder. At 20 years old, Jeribai found himself in $30,000 in debt. He felt like a slave to his debt. Although Jeribai was raised in a Christian home, he had not fully developed his relationship with the Lord. Desperate for a way out of his debt, he prayed and asked God for help. The Lord showed him what to do in order to eliminate his debt. In three years Jeribai managed to cut the debt in half. Four years later, he had almost eliminated all of his debt.

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