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Actor : Voiced, “Yeti” in Pixar’s Monsters University (2013)

Nominated for 10 Annie Awards (which recognizes excellence in animation

Currently working on Pixar films The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out

Best known for his iconic character “Cliff Clavin” on NBC’s Cheers (1982-1993)

Producer: John Ratzenberger’s American Made (summer 2014)

Produced a similar show for the Travel Channel, John Ratzenberger’s Made in America a decade ago

Launched a website: to help everyday people participate in the Hollywood process.

Guest Bio

John Ratzenberger: A Voice for God in Hollywood

The 700 Club

John Ratzenberger is what he hopes every child will become – a renaissance person.  He is a versatile actor - best known for his role as ‘Cliff Clavin’ on “Cheers”.  Also, he’s the only actor to be in every Pixar film.   John produced and hosted a show called Made in America for the Travel Channel, also had a book of the same name.  That show paved the way for shows such as Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, etc.  celebrating the work ethic that built America.  During more than three decades of movie making and theatre, John has enjoyed success as a screenwriter, director, producer and multi Emmy-nominated actor. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist.

John’s faith is an important element in all that he does.  He grew up in Connecticut, in a Catholic family and attended Catholic school.  John says the discipline at school kept him on track and he hasn’t strayed since.  There was never any question about what was right and wrong.  The Judeo-Christian ethic was strongly ingrained in him.  One important lesson has been to be  responsible for one’s self and others.  John has always lived by that.  He says having these values brought us civilization.  John believes if we do not continue to live by these values, the end is in sight.  Society needs to stop rewarding bad behavior.  As Christians we need to be aware of what is happening with our value system.  We have tremendous power in our culture.  Studios are realizing the tremendous power of the Christian audience and there is a resurgence of faith-based projects in Hollywood, however, there is a long way to go.  For example: the producers of the hugely popular History Channel series The Bible will release a full-length feature film in February with 20th Century Fox called Son of God ; this March  Heaven is for Real is scheduled for release, focusing on 4-year-old Colton Burpo’s near death experience in heaven and returning to earth; and Noah has a $125 million budget - and will star Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, and Jennifer Connelly.   There is a need for more evangelical Christians to come forward and help fund family-friendly reality shows, scripted shows and movies.  If we don’t invest in Hollywood productions of faith-based films, nothing will change.  John says before the 1950s all films were faith-based, after the 60s, everything changed.  People want heart felt films

John says the entertainment industry is like any other industry – there is good and bad – you pick and choose what you want to be part of.   When projects come to him, he asks himself some questions, like: Will they make someone laugh or cry? Would children watch this?

He starred in the faith-based film The Woodcarver (2012) about a troubled youth who vandalizes a church and winds up in a close association with the woodcarver whose work he destroyed. In working together, the young man and the woodcarver managed to restore their faith (and life) in God.

In 1982 John accepted a writing assignment for CBS in Los Angeles. On the day he was scheduled to return to London, he auditioned for a role on the upcoming Cheers. At the time of his audition, the character of the postman did not exist. “Do you have a bar know-it-all?” he asked the creators. They didn’t know what that meant, so John gave them five hilarious minutes of improv, demonstrating.

In the history of television, only a handful of series have achieved the worldwide success of Cheers, on which John portrayed Cliff for the show’s entire 11-year run. To this day, thanks to daily syndication, Cliff continues as one of America’s most loved characters.  John says Cliff was inspired by people in CT where he grew up.  There was an innocence about them.  They acted like they knew everything to mask their insecurities.

As Hollywood’s most versatile vocal talent, John is the only actor to voice a role in all of the Pixar films: the charming and witty Hamm the piggy bank in Toy Story 1 (1995), 2 (1999) and 3 (2010); P.T. Flea, the excitable circus ringmaster in Bug's Life (1998); the lovable snow monster Yeti in Monsters, Inc.(2002); the ever-changing school of Moonfish in Finding Nemo (2003); the philosophical character Underminer in Pixar’s Incredibles (2004); a Mac-truck
in Cars (2006), Mustafa, the head waiter in Ratatouille (2007); as John, a human in WALL-E (2008), the construction worker in Up! (2009); Mac-truck again Cars 2 (2011); Gordon the guard in Brave (2012); Yeti again in Monsters University (2013). Pixar artists always find a way to include John's recognizable eyebrows and mustache. Pixar John Lasseter, once said, "John is our good luck charm."

John says the most popular Pixar character with audiences that he does  is Hamm.  His favorite character is P.T Flea from “A Bug’s Life.”
He is currently working on the Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, and should begin production on Inside Out in 2014.                                                                                                                                                             AMERICAN MADE
After  a decade of Cheers, John has immersed himself in what makes America great, a country in which a truck driver’s son wound up being a TV icon with an audience and influence and time to consider what’s important. He wrote: We’ve Got it Made in America, A Common Man’s Salute to an Uncommon Country; a collection of essays from his years on the road visiting factory towns throughout the country for five seasons on the Travel Channel show, “John Ratzenberger’s Made in America”.

John is an outspoken advocate for American-made products and the companies that keep Americans working. He continues to support various non-profits and manufacturing entities that encourage the next generation of manual artists – welders, plumbers, machinists, carpenters, etc. He was invited to address Congress and its Manufacturing Caucus for which he prepared his oft-quoted speech “The Industrial Tsunami Heading Our Way”. He continues to work with politicians on both sides of the isle as a voice for the American manufacturing industry.

With the mission to show the best products that are still made in the U.S. and to honor the American men and women who invent and build the goods that are the backbone of our economy, John is currently producing the TV show "John Ratzenberger's American Made" which should start shooting the summer of 2014.    

John has always been a “tinkerer.” He would always be taking things apart as a kid.  Before he became an actor, he was a carpenter. Christ was a carpenter. He says that manufacturing to America is like spinach is to Popeye.  John believes that without Christianity there would be no Western civilization – we have high standards in the U.S. due to what the  Christian creed stands for. Look at the academic standards set in universities. Also, it has to be noted that Christians take care of each other.   He also pointed out that as nation we have gone from a self-reliant to a self-delusional country. The real danger is that it has been done incrementally – it will be necessary for people to work with their hands/learn skills.

John's carried that reality show experience into his new project which gives everyday people the chance to participate in the Hollywood process. Members can upload their own sizzles reels, videos or participate in casting calls on networks around the world.

Launched this year to give every American a chance to star in their own reality show, get cast in current shows and get their video clips on TV.

John has successfully worked in the entertainment industry for 40 years.  He began his career in improvisational theater in the 1970s. Since then he has acted in 38 major motion pictures, a wide variety of TV shows, executive produced several shows, and directed.

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