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You: On a Diet (Free Press, 2006)


Dr. Michael Roizen: Cancer Prevention 101

CBN.comFrom the author of the best-selling books You, The Owner’s Manual and You, The Smart Patient comes the latest addition to the series, You, Staying Young (release: Oct. 30, 2007).

Dr. Michael Roizen has teamed up once again with Dr. Mehmet C. Oz to translate cutting-edge information to help their readers. Just as they do in their other books, they achieve this goal by giving readers what they call the best weapon: knowledge.


Even though more cures for cancers are being researched and there are a lot more treatments available, our job is to avoid getting cancer in the first place. In his soon-to-be-released new book Dr. Roizen writes about how to prevent cancer.

The main thing you can do to decrease your chances of cancer is reducing repetitive injury to your normal cells. This is so that the gene, "p53" (which has the job of recognizing when your cells are at risk of developing into cancer and doing what it can to stop it) can protect the body properly and not kill off any good cells.

Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz describe the "p53" gene like a biological guard dog and computer spell checker in one. There are two types of genes that when mutated, can cause a cell to become cancerous. Unfortunately, having one of these mutations can actually increase a cell's risk of having the second kind of mutation.

How can you prevent the biological guard dog gene "p53" from making a mistake and allowing cancers to kill off a weakened but necessary cell and then grow and spread? By being aware and taking steps to protect yourself against many of the "Major Agers," like toxins, infections, mitochondrial damage from free oxygen radicals, and genetic defects. Taking these steps can also help prevent the birth and spread of cancer cells.



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