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Vicki Norris: Organize Your Life

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Vicki Norris says there is a spiritual connection with the organizing process. There are no short cuts – like the spiritual growth process.  Organizing is a change process about restoring the quality of life and activates all that God has for you and we were designed for order.  Vicki says most people waste one hour a day on disorganization. That's six work weeks per year.

Vicki grew up in a loving family that took her to church during her younger years. Even when soccer and dance team took precedence over church attendance, her mom prayed with her at night.

When Vicki was a child, she thought God was like those other characters like Santa and the Tooth Fairy.   She used to leave stickers under her pillow hoping God would come get them, but she was disappointed that He never did.  

Vicki knew about God, but she didn't know Him personally.   She didn't have a relationship. A friend of hers on her dance team in high school invited Vicki to her friend's church, and Vicki went because her friend made it sound fun.  Vicki started meeting other kids and got involved in the youth group. These kids had something special, and she could tell they had a joy and confidence that she did not have. They were so nice and welcoming and weren't at all like the kids from her high school that made her feel on the "outside".

Soon after she started attending, she went into service one day by herself and responded to the pastor's invitation to receive Christ. Vicki knelt right there in the sanctuary all alone and invited Him into her heart.   Vicki remembers turning around and being enveloped by the sunbeam from the windows at the back of the sanctuary, and she knew God had heard her prayer.   She was 15 years old.

Vicki believes that you should find your passion and build a business around it.  When she was young, she had her girlfriends help her clear out and organize family closets.  As an adult, she started her organization business, Restoring Order®, in 1999. She is pioneering a new business model in the organizing industry and has grown her company to include eight employees. Her company serves a national clientele in home and office organizing.

Finding unsatisfactory organizing products in the marketplace, Vicki launched her own line of retro-style organizing products in 2004. Vicki speaks nationally on the topic of organizing and life management and serves as a resource to the media.    

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