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Wellington Boone


Author of several books like Holy Ghost is My Friend.

Founder, Wellington Boone Ministries

Founding Pastor, The Father’s House Church, an international church, Norcross, GA

Board of Trustees member for Regent University

Nationally recognized platform speaker for Promise Keepers, Focus on the Family, etc.

Founder of the Black American Christian Embassy (BACE)


Praying with The Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit doesn’t just come upon us as a gift, He wants to establish a relationship with believers,” says Bishop Wellington Boone.  “The Advocate speaks for and testifies to you on behalf of Jesus. He speaks of Jesus as God. He affirms Jesus’ integrity, His power, and His love for you!” says Boone.  Rather than waiting for the Holy Spirit to come upon them, Boone wants Christians to have a meaningful relationship and friendship with the Holy Spirit, who already dwells within them. He says he questions the salvation of anybody who has come to Jesus and the cross yet is still the same. “You cannot meet Jesus and be the same person. You now have the Holy Ghost Whom Jesus promised to send to all believers,” he says. 

Boone reminds Christians, “The Holy Ghost lives inside every believer in Jesus Christ to be our Friend who gives us spiritual life and empowers us to do God’s will, freed from sin.”  It’s up to believers to acknowledge His presence, though Boone says The Holy Spirit is often ignored. “Jesus said the Holy Ghost will abide with you forever. He’s been with you the whole day, yet you never acknowledged Him. That means you don’t value what He brings with Him,” Boone says.  “Someone becomes your best friend when you favor him. You’re the one he can always turn to. You’re the one who really cares. You listen to him. You would sacrifice everything for him. The Bible says, ‘Greater love has no man than this that a man would lay down his life for his friend.’  The Holy Spirit can’t become your best Friend if you ignore Him.”   Boones says the Church has become powerless as it rejects the authority of the Father, diminishes the salvation of the Son and ignores the Person of the Holy Ghost.  “I see more passion for sports today than I see for church growth and I see growing churches focusing more on marketing than converting unbelievers and changing the world,” he says.


Bishop Boone was ordained into ministry in 1973, the same year that he married his childhood sweetheart, Katheryn, whom he met in Germany during his high school years. He incorporated Living Word Evangelistic Association in 1979, and later changed the name to Wellington Boone Ministries with the encouragement of his leaders. His first church, Manna Christian Fellowship of Richmond, Virginia, was incorporated in 1985. The Fellowship of International Churches was started in 1994 when the founding pastors conferred on Pastor Boone the title of Bishop. Boone is now the senior pastor of the Father's House in Norcross, Georgia.
           For more than thirty years, Boone has been developing strong leaders in ministry and the marketplace with programs such as Global Outreach Campus Ministries, Network of Politically Active Christians, and Goshen Learning Centers in South Africa. In his latest outreach to Africa, Bishop Boone has formed the Black American Christian Embassy (BACE), which carries out an extensive mission serving the leaders of African nations. Boone is a minister of reconciliation and a spiritual father to leaders. “Peacemaking is my heart,” says Boone.

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