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Curren family


Hosts, Pierce’s Scaly Adventures, series airs on DayStar TV every Saturday at 12:30 pm

Richard: BA, International Relations, Kennesaw State University

Former US Army Officer

Tanya:  BA, Early Childhood Education, Kennesaw State University

Former teacher

Richard and Tanya: Founders, Boundless Limits Ministry, 2009

co-author of several books

Pierce: 13 years old

Guest Bio

Celebrating God's Creations with the Curren Family

The 700 Club

Tanya grew up in a Christian home and was baptized when she was 7.  It was important for her that the man she married was also a Christian.  Rich was raised Catholic but when he was in the Army for 16 years, he became an atheist.  Tanya’s dad led Rich to the Lord and baptized him before Rich and Tanya were married in 1995.          

In 2004, Tanya had a routine hysterectomy but after surgery contracted a staph infection which spread through her whole body.  She fell into a coma for 8 days and was given 2 hours to live.  Miraculously, Tanya survived but by 2007 she became addicted to 18 prescription drugs and was ready to kill herself.  She cried out to God and was delivered immediately from all of them but 3.  “God intervened again but I had to work really hard to get off of the rest,” Tanya says. 

Soon after Tanya broke free from her prescription drug addiction completely, Rich felt God calling their family to something bigger. “We didn’t know if this was going to be a neat story we would share in church or if this was something bigger,” she says.  Tanya began sharing her story at churches and in 2009 they started their ministry, Boundless Limits.  They co-wrote several books, recorded her story on audio CDs and spoke at conferences and churches about her journey to restoration.

Pierce, 13, had always loved snakes and got his first one when he was 9.  One day while at the vet with his dad in 2012, Rich and Pierce saw an animal demonstration.  They were convinced they could do the same only better.  Rich and Pierce went home and started a website,  Then they started filming educational videos in front of the animals at a public zoo.  Soon the videos were being aired as filler spots on Saturday mornings on a TV station in Atlanta. In March 2013, the Currens attended the National Religious Broadcasting conference and handed out a 13-minute sample of their videos.  Interest in their show began to grow.  “We fill a unique spot.  There’s not a lot for kids to watch after Veggie Tales,” says Tanya.  Pierce’s Scaly Adventures fills a void with young kids between 6 and 17. The show is educational in nature; teaching kids conservation tips, facts about animals, and where they are from. However, woven into the fiber of the show is what Tanya calls, “Covert Christianity.” They highlight that animals are “created” and encourage kids to do what they are “created to do.”  The Currens raised $5,000 in 2014 and shot 14 episodes in various locations over the southeast.  “The interest just keeps growing,” says Tanya.  The show airs on DayStar on Saturdays at 12:30 pm and on various other networks. Russia, Ukraine and Australia are airing the family-friendly show in their country.

The Currens are bringing:

  1. Iguana, “Spike” who has a 3rd eye
  2. Two boa constrictors, “Goliath” and “Cupcake”
  3. Bearded dragon, “Pickle”
  4. Corn snake, “Blossom”
  5. Turtle
  6. Frog
  7. Leopold Gecko, “Willie”

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