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David Rose's book "Godiva"

Academy Award winner for visual effects for Independence Day

Emmy award winning visual effects creator for Star Trek television series, including “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Voyager”

Owner: VisionArt Design and Animation, an industry leader in high-end digital effects

Founder: Santa Monica Cinemas, producing two theatrical films and developing more than 40 screenplays.

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30 Hunt Valley Circle
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The Heart of Christmas
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David Rose: Special Effects Guru Talks About Godiva

By The 700 Club

CBN.comThe Radical ‘60s

David Rose was a child of the 1960s who did all the typical things that the hippie crowd did, and in his own words, “only sometimes a little worse.”

David left his Kansas City home at age 16 and moved to southern California. He soon became deeply involved in a lifestyle of drug addiction. Returning home, he began to distribute primarily marijuana and LSD to his friends. It wasn’t long before he was known as the local drug dealer.

The FBI set a trap for him and he was arrested. The day before his arrest, he was watching television when a Billy Graham Crusade came on. As he tried to get up out of his seat to turn the channel, he was restrained by an unknown force, and, as he says, “was forced to watch the show.” The next day seven police cars pulled up to his door and he was arrested.

While in jail, someone slipped him a Bible, and he read for the first time about giving his life to Jesus. After a long trial, the judge instructed the jury that if they found David guilty, they were to recommend a prison term from five years to life. No provision for good time would be allowed.

David prayed that God would help him. In a surprise turn around, the fact was revealed that the FBI had planted the actual drugs that led to his arrest. David was found not guilty by reason of entrapment.

David returned to California in 1969, just before the evangelist Arthur Blessit began his historic “walk around the world” carrying a huge, wooden cross. As Arthur was beginning to walk the streets of California, David was heading back into his old drug-ravaged lifestyle.

But through a series of miraculous interventions, David encountered one of Arthur’s workers who gave him a tract. Ironically, this exchange took place in front of what would become another historic ‘60s landmark, the Whiskey A-Go-Go, a Sunset strip club known for go-go girls and mini-skirted dancers in cages. David read the tract and gave his life to the Lord.

After living in Berkley and being involved with the Christian World Liberation Front, David returned to Kansas City, where he started a halfway house called AGAPE and a Bible study that soon grew to several thousand people. The outreach grew to countless cities as many thousands gave their lives to the Lord.

In 1972 David and his wife, Toni, were asked to help the German government set up a program to counsel during the Munich Olympics. David and Toni traveled and lived in several countries, eventually coming back to their home base in Kansas City.

Hollywood on the Horizon

David developed a burden for the people of the world and wanted to find a way to reach out. This desire took him and his family to Los Angeles where he was one of the first people to use computers in the film industry. He was an innovator, creating cutting-edge visual effects for both movies and television. He became a lauded pioneer of the visual effects and animation industries. His unique technology has been acknowledged in the Academy award-winning movie Independence Day as well as two Emmys for the Star Trek television series.

Now David has turned his writing talents in a new direction. He has written a novel, the first release in The Viking Conquest Saga. Godiva tells the story of a young woman, who, realizing that the fate of England rests on her shoulders, must degrade herself in an unimaginable way to save both her country and her people. The book is set during the tumultuous Viking era, delivering arresting depictions of war and powerful images of love and religion.

The story of Godiva is part of David’s family’s lineage. “It has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter, all the way back to Godiva herself,” says David. He first heard the story of Godiva as a young boy and actively worked to develop the manuscript over the past nine years.

As a Hollywood producer, David sees the way books are created and marketed in a different light. He is teaming up with a production studio and plans to only write books that will be effectively translated onscreen. Always the innovator, he also plans to implement theatrical trailers for books that will play in bookstores across the country, generating a larger audience for books.

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