The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

Dave Bruno


Author, Fashioned by Faith(Thomas Nelson, 2011)

Former professional model for 20 years

Modeled for Cover Girl, Teen Magazine, Chairol, Nike

Miss Teen NC USA

Mrs North Carolina 2009

Founder, Modeling Christ, a non-profit that teaches young girls to be fashionable yet modest

Graduate, Word of Life Bible Institute, Schroon Lake, NY

Husband: Daryl: Sons: Jack, 8 and Jude, 13 months



Rachel Lee Carter: Fashioned by God

By The 700 Club

Rachel grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina in a Christian home.  When she was 7, Rachel made a decision to give her life to the Lord.  In high school, Rachel tried to blend in with her friends more than she did to try to stand out. 

Rachel always had a steady boyfriend and says her identity was wrapped up in him.  “I juggled being a Christian on Sunday or at youth camp, disregarding the things of God the rest of the week,” says Rachel.  “I wasn’t fooling anyone except myself.” 

After high school, Rachel moved to New York City.  It seemed like she had everything going for her: she was mingling with celebrities, going to parties and sporting events.  Out of curiousity, Rachel, then 18, began delving in new age religion.  “I began to feel empty,” says Rachel.  So she did more things to fill the void. 

Soon Rachel started gaining weight, her bookings came sporadically and money began to dry up.  She started working in a bar to make ends meet and she also became bulimic.  One day, Rachel met 2 models on a job who were Christians.  They encouraged her to get honest with God.

Rachel cried out to God, “I’m struggling.  I want to know if You’re real.”  The presence of God was in the room and she wept.  In that moment, Rachel says she was changed.  “I had no desire to go out anymore; only a desire to know more of God,” she says. 

After fully giving her life to the Lord, Rachel says she struggled with her wardrobe.  About 10 years into her modeling career, Rachel was asked to model a bra for a department store catalog.  She booked the job without considering the cost and the photos came out in the Sunday paper. 

At the time, Rachel was about to launch her ministry, Modeling Christ, and went to her pastor for endorsement.  Instead, he prompted her to consider what she had been modeling. He told her that many Christian men struggle with pornography and that lingerie ads were an introduction for many men to the world of pornography. 

Rachel prayed and her heart was convicted.  She called her agency and told them she would no longer model lingerie.  Rachel explains that a woman who dresses provactively seeks attention from men for their bodies.  “My eyes were finally open to what I stubbornly ignored for so long,” says Rachel.  “I have a much healthier self-image and I don’t have to fear the consequential damage I could cause another.” 

Today’s fashions are getting more revealing.  Suddenly there are bikinis, short shorts, tight clothes and lots of cleavage.  Rachel started looking for ways that she could dress in the latest trends and still maintain the virtue of modesty. 

Rachel says parents must take a proactive stance in their daughters’ selection of clothing.  “Dads need to enforce the dress code and mothers need to model it,” says Rachel.  It is not easy to go against the grain and be different than the crowd.  Rachel reminds us that God’s instruction for us is to give our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice.  God desperately cares how we present ourselves.

Rachel will show us 4 trendy, modest outfits.  Jeans, with a cool top.  Shorts with a tank/tee combo.  A sophisticated look for work.  A sundress for spring.  Dani Finn, Morgan Hare, Savannah Harris and Skye Stewart will be modeling these outfits on the show.

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