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Ruth Graham

Author of In Every Pew Sits A Broken Heart (Zondervan 2004)

2000 cum laude graduate of Mary Baldwin College

Awarded Outstanding Adult Student award

Conference speaker

Bible teacher

Appeared on radio and television shows, including Good Morning America, The Hour of Power, Focus on the Family and Moody Broadcasting

Daughter of Ruth and Billy Graham

Mother and Grandmother

Donor Relations Coordinator for Samaritan’s Purse for five years

Major Gifts Officer at Mary Baldwin College for one year

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Ruth Graham: So You Want to Adopt


Ruth Graham is the third child of famous Televangelist Billy Graham, so it comes as no surprise that she now has started her own ministries, Ruth Graham Ministries and Ruth Graham and Friends. Ruth Graham & Friends follows the theme: “Get REAL Answers to REAL Issues with REAL Hope from a REAL God - GET REAL!” It follows the concept that "Growth Happens in the Most Difficult Places" and its speakers are sharing that message in Christian conferences. Through this organization, Ruth brings light to the fact that we are all people who are “doing life” and trying to understand it. Ruth addresses how people should handle the “tough stuff” in life, like addictions, depression, eating disorders, sexual infidelity, anger, shame, divorce, loneliness, homosexuality and abuse. She draws on experiences from her own life, which includes her husband’s infidelities, her divorces, her teenage daughter’s two unplanned pregnancies, her other daughter’s bulimia and her son’s battle with drugs. Ruth Graham and Friends, hope to show that our God is one of mercy, love and grace both in the good times and the bad. They delve into the big issues and explore and understand them in honest and Biblical ways. Their "Get Real" conferences are designed to be a “safe place” to find hope in your struggles as well as to discover tools to help those with whom you come in contact.


Ruth Graham and Friends came about during a time when Ruth was speaking at a number of Women’s conferences. She became friends with most of the current speakers during that time. They all shared a desire to really help equip the church to deal with difficult areas that seemed to be prevalent in the church as well as in secular society. The vision is to connect the people in the local church with the facilities they can rely on in their community. They ask local host churches to recommend Christian Counseling services, Christian Crisis Pregnancy services, Christian Addiction Treatment and Counseling services and Christian Abuse Shelters and Counseling. The also deal heavily with the element of Forgiveness. Ruth Graham and Friends has had three conferences thus far, and have upcoming events already scheduled.


In addition to using her life experiences as examples for “Get Real” conferences, Ruth Graham is using them as an author as well. She has an intimate knowledge of the adoption process and is now helping others understand that adoption isn’t an easy decision, but one that should be prayed about. When Ruth’s 17-year old daughter Windsor confided that she was pregnant Windsor ultimately made the decision that adoption would be the best option for her.

Giving up a baby for adoption or deciding to adopt can be a painful and complicated process for both the birthparents and the adoptive parents respectively. Using her experiences, Ruth joined Dr. Sara Dormon to write the book, So You Want to Adopt…Now what?

When Windsor got pregnant, Dr. Dormon, a friend of Ruth, offered to let Windsor spend her pregnancy with her and her family. At the time, Windsor was adamant that she wanted to keep her baby, while Ruth felt the best option would be adoption. Dormon is a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies, and often took young pregnant women into her home during their pregnancies. She provided a good home and much needed information for Windsor.

While living with Dormon, Windsor ended up choosing an adoptive family for her daughter. In this book, the authors delve into all the issues that people looking at adoption as an option will have to face. From the emotional issues a couple must put behind them before deciding to pursue adoption, to the financial and legal arrangements available for both birth and adoptive parents.

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