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Sid Roth: Returning to the Homeland

The 700 Club The Race of Life

Sid compares the kingdom of God to a relay race. One man runs a lap and passes the baton to another team member. The strongest runner, the anchor, runs the last lap. Sid says that Adam started the race but faltered. Abraham and the Jewish people then picked up the baton and ran the laps faithfully. But 2,000 years ago, the Jewish people got very tired, so the baton was passed to the non-Jews (Gentile Christians). After centuries of running with the message of the gospel, the Church is beginning to wear down. It is Sid's goal to establish the fact that God never intended to start a new religion. Instead, it would be the convergence of the Jew and Gentile into one stream. He calls it "One New Man."

For thousands of years, Jews have been persecuted. But God said that as long as there is a sun and a moon, there will be a physical Jew on the face of the earth (Jeremiah 31:35 and 36). Sid, who was raised in a Jewish home, says that the devil has backed the Jew into a corner. "Jewish people as a whole are spiritually blind to the gospel message," he says. "We have bitterness in our heart…and our response is understandable." Jews blame Christians for their persecution and are very aware of anti-Semitism among many churches. Sid believes the devil's strategy is to use the anti-God stances of some Jews to cause nominal Christians to join non-believers in hating all Jews. He says that the world and nominal Christians will also hate genuine Christians, who will be standing with Jews. "Standing with the Jew is not a popular decision," says Sid.

United Under One King

When Sid was young, Jews attended synagogue on holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Now the majority of Jewish people do not attend services at all. Sid encountered Jesus at the age of 30 when he was a frustrated stockbroker. He had gotten involved in occult meditation and found supernatural reality. He finally surrendered his life to Jesus. "I not only knew God was real, but I now knew Him personally," says Sid.

Sid says that we are seeing Scriptures fulfilled right before our eyes. Israel is a nation again, and the Jews are returning to Israel in record numbers. A sign of the hastening of the prophetic time clock is when Jews from the "north" of Israel (former Soviet Union) return to the land. Once this happens, Jews from the entire world will return to Israel. He says we are also beginning to see the spiritual fulfillment of this prophecy. The two covenant peoples of God, Jews and Christians, who have fought with each other, will be united under one King - Jesus. Sid believes this will cause a spiritual explosion in the Church. "The devil's worst nightmare," says Sid, "is that the church finally realizes that the underlying purpose for the current outpourings of the Holy Spirit is to equip believers with power to evangelize the Jew."

Sid recently returned from ministering to Jews in Siberia. The leader of an Orthodox synagogue asked Sid to help make his whole synagogue Messianic! A Jewish Chassidic sect (which Sid says is dry and boring) had been taking control over Orthodox synagogues in Russia. They believe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson is the Messiah -- but he died 10 years ago! The leader of the synagogue who asked Sid to come believes that if faith in Yeshua takes over his synagogue, it would bring revival among the Jews.

Sid believes other synagogues throughout Russia will soon be red hot for Yeshua. While in Siberia, Sid also spoke to crowds at a Jewish music festival in the city of Krasnoyarsk with over 20,000 in attendance. On the first night, over 200 Siberian Jews gave their hearts to the Lord. By the last night of the event, nearly the whole audience stood for salvation. Sid reminds us that the great end-time harvest would have a Jewish connection. "The Jewish people being restored to God through Yeshua will trigger this final harvest," says Sid. (In 1855, Hudson Taylor, the great missionary from China, prophesied that revival would start in the center of Russia, and Krasnoyarsk is the city in the center of Russia.)

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