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Wellington Boone

Founder, Wellington Boone Ministries

Founding Pastor, The Father’s House Church, an international church, Norcross, GA

Has spoken for numerous Promise Keeper events, etc


Wellington Boone: The Church in the Aftermath 'PEOPLE LOOTING THEMSELVES'
Wellington says there is the compassionate side of the story and then the responsibility side of the story in New Orleans. We need to consider the culture of those people still stranded in New Orleans. The looting of property, the trashing of property, etc speaks to the basic character of the people. Wellington can’t believe that as they are on the world stage, the people are looting themselves. These people who have gone through slavery, segregation, and the Voting Rights Act are doing this to themselves. They look like a developing nation. Wellington is looking for the cry of cultural disapproval, but he says it is also an opportunity for extravagant benevolence.

Wellington is also outraged at the sudden spike in gas prices & calls it “legalized looting.” (It is now over $4.00 a gallon in Atlanta.) The actions of the gas stations that have jacked up the price of fuel – that was already in their possession – is as unacceptable as those of the looters in New Orleans. They are profiting on the fear of others. Wellington has reports that gas prices stayed the same in Baton Rouge that is overwhelmed by those fleeing New Orleans. The bottom line is greed and selfishness. He reminds us that God says we are not to gain from the loss of others.

Wellington says we must realize that the entire lives of our fellow citizens on the Gulf Coast will be restructured. Kids might miss an entire year of school. Single mothers have absolutely nothing for their children. This weekend families from Wellington’s church have taken in nine displaced families from New Orleans. We need to think of going to New Orleans, preaching the gospel and feeding the people. In the long term, there is great potential to rebuild New Orleans.

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