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Sheila Walsh: 'God Matters' to You

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club Recently I interviewed singer, author and speaker Sheila Walsh on her bouts with depression and loneliness in spite of her great success. "Sheila Walsh: God Matters" struck a chord with many readers. Here is what some of you had to say.

From C.A.: Regarding the Sheila Walsh interview, her story is sadly typical of the church today. We are expected to hide our weaknesses and faults, instead of confessing them to one another so we may be healed. This is religion, not Christianity! Thank you for the truth. As a healing SRA, I can attest to the pain of hiding, and the hard work of trying to be ‘right.’

From T.C.: In my mind, the most important message Sheila was about to share was cut off. Interestingly talking about ‘if’ all the stuff was removed from her life before... then her son interrupts. I for one would like to have heard the rest of the sentence. It's interesting that this interruption occurred as it did and when it did.

From A.H.: Scott, I am a 68-year-old female, mother of two grown sons, grandma of three. Seems impossible, time seems to have flown by, looking back. Seems I am periodically close to Jesus and in between struggling to get back to that place of intimacy. Am I unique or is this something others struggle with as well? Being real and not religous is a challange. Looking and sounding like I am a star Christian but full of loneliness and hurts inside. Sheila’s story is one I can identify with. I am depression free only to the extent of my intimacy with and obedience to Him.

From L.M.: Well done... All I can say is God is a bodyguard to those who are sincere and candid, and she is doing mighty things for the kingdom by being honest and transparent. We serve a BIG GOD!


Scott Ross welcomes your feedback. Read the interview on and tell us what you think.


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