The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

December 2012





CBN News: Britain, France Threaten to Recall Ambassadors to Israel

Southern Living's Norman King returns to The 700 Club to provide some sweet and spicy Christmas gift ideas.

Constant family relocation put a strain on the Smith family that pushed Tim and Patti to the brink of divorce.


CBN News: Egypt in Crisis: Foes Protest Morsi, Brotherhood

Southern Living's Kimberly Whitman shares the importance of creating a welcoming home during the Christmas season.

A toe infection was causing Timmy Meacham a great deal of pain, but a prayer he head on The 700 Club resulted in a miraculous healing.


CBN News: Mass Protests in Cairo as Concern Mounts over Syria

Author and pastor Riva Tims talks about forgiveness on this week's installment of A Voice of Hope.

Author Martha Pullen showcases some of her Southern cooking holiday recipes.


CBN News: Geithner Warns 'It's Either Tax Hikes or the Cliff'

Musical artist Jamie Grace enhances the holiday mood with a Christmas song from The 700 Club studios.

2011 NFC Defensive Player of the Year Jared Allen shares how faith and family are more important than his football success.


CBN News: Pot, Gay Marriage Votes Spuir Complex Legal Dance

When Todd Burpo thought his son was dying, little Colton was actually experiencing heaven. Hear them tell their story live.

Author Ace Collins reveals the backstory of every couple's favorite Christmas decoration, mistletoe.


CBN News: Hamas: We'll Never Surrender 'Palestine'

An unfortunate childhood coupled with a learning disability set Charles down a path to a hard life, but Jesus had bigger plans.

Author Ace Collins educates us on the significance of the often used "X' in "Xmas."


CBN News: US Could Become World's Largest Exporter of Oil

Author Bonnie St. John shares her experience of medaling in the Paralympics and where she finds the strength to overcome challenges.

The Irish Tenors join us to singe the Christmas standard, "We Three Kings."


CBN News: Unions Routed, Mich. Becomes 'Right to Work' State

A Voice of Hope features author Leslie Haskins discussing how God helped her navigate through loneliness.

The Johnsons adopt a baby from Africa and witness a miracle in her life and theirs.


CBN News: Starving Cancer: ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

Award-winning Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman inspires us with the Christmas classic, Joy to the World.

Author Ace Collins shares the history behind the Christmas stocking.


CBN News: Search on for State Sec. After Rice Drops Candidacy

Many believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world would come in 2012. Could it be? Gordon Robertson teaches on the topic in his new Quest for God series.

Cookbook author Matt Goulding dicusses how to prepare and eat comfort foods while staying healthy.


CBN News: Grieving Town Begins Funerals for Sandy Hook Victims

A special interview with family therapist Ron Deal about his first hand experience with tragedy and loss and how he was able to trust God again.

Missy Jenkins Smith overcame many obstacles since the 1997 high school shooting that left her paralyzed from the waist down; maybe the biggest one was facing her shooter years later face-to-face.


CBN News: Chaplains, K-9s Help Comfort a Broken Newtown

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones shares how he found purpose in God.

Author Ace Collins provides the backstory on the 12 Days of Christmas.


CBN News: Examining Newtown: Battle Brews on Guns, Mental Health

Michelle McKinney-Hammond returns to A Voice of Hope toencourage people in search of fulfillment.

For 12 years Tonya Kimberley suffered terrible foot pain until a prayer on The 700 Club changed her life.


CBN News: Shoebox Dreams: Tween Brings Christmas to Needy Kids

Tax guru Gordon D'Angeloprovides year-end financial tips to ease the pain of the coming tax season.

Redskins back-up QB Kirk Cousins talks faith on the backdrop of his first season in the NFL.


CBN News: A Day Like Any OTher? Mayan 'Doomsday' Arrives

Antonio found meaning in Islam, but he didn't find peace and salvation until he gave his heart to Jesus.

Author Ace Collins talks about the origins of the Christmas card.



CBN News:

NFL star Adrian Peterson sits down with CBN Sports to reflect on overcoming challenges with God's help.

Actress Nancy Stafford shares heart-warming stories based on the history behind Christmas tree ornaments made by her mother.


CBN News:

Ema McKinley was injured in work accident and for almost 20 years she lived in constant pain until a Christmas Eve miracle changed her life forever.

Christian contemporary artis Steven Curtis Chapman sings the Christmas standard, 'Joy to the World.'


CBN News: CBN News Top Stories of 2012

Reggie Williams rejected his childhood faith and followed his friends toward a life of crime. Today, he's a street-smart youth pastor.

When talking about her old life, Tracy says, 'I felt as though I hadn’t just hit the bottom, but I slammed through to the pit.'


CBN News: Nor' Easter Plays Havoc with Post-Christmas Travel

American missionary Dan Baumann risked his life when he spent two weeks in Iran, spreading the gospel. At the end of his trip, something went terribly wrong.

Bob Bruce lost his taste buds after a bout with cancer. Bob and Gloria did the only thing they could do. They prayed.


CBN News: Cliff Hanger: Washington Tries for Last Minute Deal

John Lee Hooker, Jr. slid into a lifestyle of excessive drug use and criminal behavior that lasted for over 30 years, then one day from his hospital bed he cried out to Jesus.

Tomasa's abusive relationship began in high school and continued into marriage. By the time she escaped, she had lost her identity and self worth.


CBN News:

Biker Billy Rivers rode the motorcycle gang lifestyle all the way to prison. It was there that he began to question the love he saw from Christians.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar talk about their enormous family and the importance of faith and values in raising 19 kids.