The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

April 2013





CBN News: US Preps for Strong Response amid N. Korea Threats

Neglected and sexually abused as a child, Karen didn't know to be on the lookout for destructive relationships.

A pain in her throat led to difficulty swallowing for Shawna. Before things got worse, a prayer on The 700 Club ushered in a miracle from God.


CBN News: RI Becomes Fair Game in Gay Marriage Battle

After achieving many of his business goals, Andrew found life to be unfulfilling until his son's faith inspired him to pick up the Bible.

Joe had a red swollen foot. He was watching The 700 Club when Pat mentioned his condition in a prayer and Joe was healed.


CBN News: UN Arms Treaty Set Stage for Obama, NRA Showdown

All-Star baseball player Chase Headley shares how his approach to the game is an acto of worship for him.

Author Shaunti Feldhahn shares insights on the inner lives of men from her latest book, "For Women Only."


CBN News: US Troops on Alert Along North, South Korea Border

Ten-month-old Landon Sanderl endured surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy for an aggressive brain tumor, only to discover he also had spinal instability. 



CBN News: Gun Control Laws Fail to Slow Gun Rights Push

Bernie was a radio personality and a fixture of the Mo-Town scene of the 70's and 80's, but he was missing peace in his life.

John Tesh discusses a recent dark period in his life where the pain from a back injury had him struggling to keep perspective.


CBN News: China Issues Harsh Warning to North Korea

Celebrated author Debbie Macomber shares how she made it to the top of the writing profession while being dyslexic.

Paul's porn addiction took root early and quickly led to a promiscuous lifestyle that pushed him to his breaking point.


CBN News: Thatcher Remembered as Political Titan, Cultureal Icon

News anchor, auhor and chef Dari Alexander discusses the benefits of eating clean foods.

Katherine was terrified to get water from the polluted river where a snake’s bite almost killed her, but it was her village’s only source of water.


CBN News: Midwest Spring Storm Casts Doubt on Global Warming

Drug addiction caused Chip LaPole to lose everything. It was then that he surrendered his life to Jesus.

Vi was experiencing an embarassing hair loss on one side of her scalp when Kristi Watts had a word of knowledge on The 700 Club.


CBN News: Israel's Tamar Fuels Dreams of Energy Independence

The Dennehy'sdecide to give the gift of 'family' to nine children from around the world.

Hard partying Jay made a mess of his life with drugs and violence, but a trip to church with his girlfriend brought about changes.



CBN News: Workers Recount Abortion Doc's Clinic of Horrors

Movie producer Carol Mathews talks about her new movie 'Home Run,' and finding forgiveness and second chances.

Russ Ardebili's journey home to Iran lands him in prison when he shares Christ with Muslims.


CBN News: Chavez 'Heir' Wins Venezuela Election, Recount Demanded

Author Pam Erickson shares how we each can have a positive impact on our community by using our passions to be an answer to someone else’s prayer.

For fourteen years Janette kept an abuse secret that made her life unbearable at times. Only after she confided in a friend did she experience deliverance.


CBN News: US Searches for Answers in Deadly Boston Bombings

Maryam and Marziyeh were sentenced to death in Iran for being Muslims who converted to Christianity.

On his way to becoming another statistic, Anthony discovered the love of the Father in a drug treatment program.


CBN News: FBI Investigators Find Remains of Boston Explosives

Renelle's dream to have a baby is squelched by a medical diagnosis of probable infertility. Find out how this mother experienced a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Cissy Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston shares about her own faith journey and what it was like to lose her daughter. 


CBN News: Deadly Fertilizer Plant Blast Devastates Texas Town

Author Kristina Ellis will share her insights on how to finish college debt-free by securing scholarships.

A member of baseball's most storied franchise, New York Yankee Mark Teixiera talks about his faith with CBN Sports.


CBN News: Manhunt: One Boston Suspect Dead, Other on the Run

Author Carrie Gerlach Cecil shares her story of living the American dream while still feeling empty without a relationship with Jesus.

Gordon Robertson provides a look at the connection between God and Hitler.


CBN News: Boton Holds Tribute; Suspect Questioned

Author and decorated Marine Corps veteran Donovan Campbell discusses the servant leadership model found in the Bible.

A thief crashed Jacquie's jewelery party, but he met a resistance he didn't expect.


CBN News: Boston Bomber Tell Authorities 'We Acted Alone'

Jeff Bethke's search for identity left him isolated until he found meaning in a relationship with Jesus.

Unaware she was pregnant with twins, a 13-year-old has an abortion that only kills one baby. Hear from the surviving twin, Claire Culwell.


CBN News: Three Murder Charges Dropped Against Gosnell

Kurt and Ronda had $150,000 in credit card debt and were about to lose everything.


CBN News: Obama P. Parenthood Appearance Riles Pro-Lifers

Hip pain was negatively impacting Esther's life until God healed her with a prayer on The 700 Club.

NHL Hockey star Shane Doan shares his secret to success on the ice.


CBN News: Sandbagged: Midwest Still Dealing with Floodwaters

Author and pastor Rice Broocks shares the importance of celebrating the evidence of God in an age of uncertainty.

Hear from Holocaust survivor Helga and the inspiration we can take away from her diary of horrific events.


CBN News: Flooding, Hail Cause Mayhem in South, Midwest

Co-founder of Redding California's Bethel Church Beni Johnson shares insights on the power of prayer.

At 37 weeks pregnant Treva was faced with an emergency C-section when everything started going wrong.


CBN News: Russian Scientists: Global Cooling on Horizon

Kenny Even fell out of a minivan moving 70 MPH and doctors gave no hope of survival.

Award-winning author Eric Metaxasshares about his new book, "Seven Men."