The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

January 2013






CBN News:

Kristine mixed Christianity with the occult and it led her down a spooky path.

Even the doctor says that a miracle occurred in the operating room. See Kimberly Funk's healing that defied logic.


CBN News: What The Last-Minute Fiscal Deal Didn't Solve

Rose turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of her life as a prostitute, but one night a man on TV helped turn her life around.

When ten-year-old Nhlanhla’s mother died, the young girl was left alone to care for her younger sister. Learn how God provided a home for these two.


CBN News: One Fiscal Crisis Averted, Another Just Beginning

Singing barroom blues was Angela's life until her mother's bout with cancer forced her to reevaluate her decisions about God.

John Calhoun suffered with a severe athlete’s foot condition until a prayer on the 700 Club made a difference.


CBN News: Is Your Flu Shot Enough This Season?

A theif and an addict, Matthew had made a mess of his life early on, but God was waiting to offer an escape.

After injuring his hand Stephen Marvin was left with what doctor's call, 'trigger finger.' Without medical insurance to cover a visit to the Dr. Stephen suffered for two years until he heard a prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: Lawmakers Worlds Apart on Solving Fiscal Crisis

Emily suffered for pain related to a rib injury for 15 years. In an instant, a prayer on the 700 Club brought healing.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis sits down with CBN Sports' Shawn Brown to share the roots of his strong Christian faith.


CBN News: Flu Outbreak Raises Concerns for Elderly, Children

Author Linda Goff shares her secret to losing 150 pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

As an Army chaplain, Darren was often deployed. This strained his marriage to Heather to the brink of divorce.


CBN News: Arrests Continue in International Child Porn Sting

Ivan was fascinated with gang life growing up eventually becoming a gang leader. After a brusth with death a T.D. Jakes tape changed his life.

Best selling author Mary Hunt joins us to share tips on saving time and money.


CBN News: Warning: America May Be Going the Way of France

Scott Stapp has been the front man of the rock band Creed since 1995. He recently spoke with The 700 Club about his journey to find a real relationship with God.

Jeanene fractured the humerus bone in her shoulder, but was instantly healed while watching The 700 Club.


CBN News: Doctors Struggle to Keep Up with Flu Epidemic

Marriage experts and authors Phillip & Holly Wagner share the secret to their matrimonial success.

Bill Rieser's affairs and betrayal almost spelled the end of their marriage. Then she got saved, and everything started to change.


CBN News: Vaccines Shortages on the Rise as Flu Plagues US

Chad's heart disease led to serious financial challenges for his family.

When Baby Lesly was born, her mother had to hide the baby girl to keep her from being killed. Learn what saved Lesly’s life in more ways than one.


CBN News: Sen. Paul on Gun Control Order: Obama is Not 'King'

John Jackson had a steady job in a paint store but it just wasn’t enough to pay the bills. Reluctant to follow prompts he had received, he eventually listened. Once he took action, his career and finances flourished!

With their cookstove as their only source of heat, 13-year-old Vladik and his mother desperately tried to stay warm. When the stove began to give off billows of black toxic smoke, Vladik and his mother didn’t know how they would survive the harsh Ukrainian winter.


CBN News: Jailed U.S. Pastor Says He 'Will Hang' for his Faith

When the housing market crashed, Jeff Hookano lost over $100,000 on one house. He made a crucial change in his life and his business exceeded his wildest dreams.

Out of love for his little daughter ConYan, her father worked extra shifts in a dangerous coal mine in China. He was willing to risk his life to afford the heart surgery Con Yan needed so desperately, but could he raise the money in time?


CBN News: Exec. Order Set Stage for Gun Control Showdown

Frank and Dawn were filled with anxiety about their debt and finances. Having no way out, Frank found an answer that brought peace and prosperity to their household. It can bring the same to you.

When Greg’s company suddenly terminated his sales position, he and his wife Becca struggled to make ends meet. With no income, how could they feed their three small children?


CBN News: Southeast Gets Pounded by Winter Snowstorm

Dale Lawson's real estate job crashed with the economy. Desperate and living in a cheap motel, he received a revelation from God and took courageous action that freed him financially. See how you can be free too.

Ying Mei was terrified to let her friends see where she lived—a leaky shack so tiny they had to cook outside. With her widowed mother unable to afford anything better, what would happen to Ying Mei and her family?



CBN News: Hundreds of Thousands Expected for Second Inaugural

Joseph and Melanie lived paycheck to paycheck. They felt like prisoners to money. Just when they thought they'd never get ahead, one decision changed their financial future forever. Learn what it was.

When gang violence in Haiti killed little Jen Leon’s parents three years ago, a kind pastor took her in. With the orphanage overcrowded, the little girl lived in a tent but dreamed of one simple wish. See how God used people like you to make her dream come true.


CBN News: Forty Years Later, Abortion Debate Going Strong

Russell and Rose Smith have found the secret to getting everything they need without worry, fretting, or arguing. It took faith to live their adventure. It can transform your life as well.

Both in their eighties, Bert and Jean Metz tried to salvage what they could after Hurricane Sandy damaged their Breezy Point, New York home, but there wasn’t much left. How could they hope to replace what was lost?


CBN News: Midwest, East Coast Wake up to Ice Box Temps

Jim and Carolyn were spending money they didn’t have by using credit cards. After racking up $15,000 of consumer debt and missing a mortgage payment, they needed a way out. Learn their secret that brought them out of debt and into prosperity.

When Hao Xung was born with a hole in his heart, it was his parents’ worst nightmare. Hao Xung’s older brother had been born with the same problem, and paying for his surgery had financially wiped out their family. Would this family have to watch a son die after all?


CBN News: Clinton Grilled on US Consulate Attack in Benghazi

Living paycheck to paycheck and working extra jobs, Shawn and Rachel needed a change. They took a radical step that brought a huge increase! This was only the beginning. See what happened next that transformed their finances.

Told that their grandson Shuo would never hear or speak, his grandparents scrimped to buy him a hearing aid. Even though Shuo desperately needed speech therapy as well, these elderly farmers were struggling just to survive. Learn what transformed their tears into joy.


CBN News: American Pastor Jailed in Iran May Be Missing

Jeff Hookano built a successful house-flipping business. When the housing market crashed, he lost over $100,000 dollars on one house. Jeff made a crucial change in his life that helped him abundantly.

Out of love for his little daughter Cong Yan, her father worked extra shifts in a dangerous coal mine in China. He was willing to risk his life to afford the heart surgery Con Yan needed so desperately, but could he raise the money in time?


CBN News: Iranian Judge Sentences US Pastor to Eight Years

Ying Mei was terrified to let her friends see where she lived—a leaky shack so tiny they had to cook outside. With her widowed mother unable to afford anything better, what would happen to Ying Mei and her family?

Glen was a workaholic who lost everything he worked for—including his family. But God showed him a way back.


CBN News: Senators: Immigration Reform Plan 'Tough, but Fair'

Founder of CareFamily Tom Knox shares how family caregivers can get direct help at home.

Mary Neal describes her experience of heaven and angels after drowning in a kayaking accident.


CBN News: Weak Growth Masking a Solid Economy Recovery?

Former sex trafficking victim Theresa Flores shares story to help others.

Anti sex trafficking advocate Katie Martinez speaks about her efforts to help resued women.


CBN News: Tensions Rise After Israel Hits Syrian Weapons Convoy

CBN Sports is behind the scenes bringing stories of faith from the Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Health author Keri Glassman shares how living healthier changed her life.